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Mediacorp strengthens its position as the leading radio network in the latest Nielsen listening survey


Singapore, 14 June 2018 — In the latest Nielsen Radio Diary Survey, Mediacorp strengthened its position as the top radio network in Singapore. The four most-listened-to stations – LOVE 972 (#1), YES 933 (#2), CLASS 95 (#3) and CAPITAL 958 (#4) – were all from Mediacorp, with the top three stations also growing in listenership.

Mandarin Listeners
(a) Mediacorp Chinese stations LOVE 972 and YES 933 grew listenership, with YES 933 showing strong growth of 32,000 listeners per week. CAPITAL 958 grew its engagement with listeners with a longer time spent listening* at 12 hours and 45 minutes per week.

English Listeners
(b) For its English stations, CLASS 95 pulled ahead of its competitors adding 21,000 more listeners per week, making it the undisputed number one English station at 774,000 listeners a week. Contemporary hit radio station 987 grew a whopping 79,000 listeners per week, the largest growth for any radio station in the market, while 938NOW had longer time spent listening* at 4 hours and 3 minutes per week.

Malay Listeners 
c) For its Malay stations, WARNA 94.2FM is the number one station in respect of time-spent listening* at 16 hours and 47 minutes per week. RIA 89.7FM grew its listeners by 16,000.

Tamil Listeners 
(d) Mediacorp Tamil station, OLI 96.8FM maintained its position in the top 10 with listenership at 246,000 per week and time spent listening* at 10 hours 1 minute per week.

Ms Irene Lim, Mediacorp Chief Customer Officer said, “We want to thank all our listeners who have supported and reached out to us through the airwaves, on socials and at our events. We are heartened to not only grow listenership but to have a deeper relationship with our listeners. We will continue to work hard to improve our music, content and programming across all our radio products.”

Mediacorp radio stations continue to have eight of its stations among the top 10 most-listened-to stations in Singapore - LOVE 972 (#1), YES 933 (#2), CLASS 95 (#3), CAPITAL 958 (#4), 987 (#6), WARNA 94.2FM (#7), GOLD 905 (#8) and OLI 96.8FM (#10). LOVE 972 is also the number one station in terms of share**.

Conducted between March and May 2018, the survey tracked radio listenership of 2,000 Singapore population aged 15 and above, with results weighted by age, sex and race to be representative of the Singapore population.

* Time Spent Listening (TSL) defined as the average amount of time a listener spends listening to a radio station in a week.

** Share is defined as the total number of 15-minute time spots listened to a station divided by total 15-minute time spots listened for all stations.

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