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Multiply your effectiveness with Doppelganger


For the FIRST time ever, Mediacorp presents a blockbuster that transcends the small screen into the digital space to reach beyond our sunny shores. Amping up the star appeal will be power couple Christopher Lee and Fann Wong.

The dramatic storyline of Doppelganger promises to keep audiences riveted to their screens. After a freak accident alters his face, a desolate man takes over the identity of his lookalike – who happens to be a millionaire. It turns out that he is a much better man than his doppelganger, and manages to win the trust of his ‘family and friends’. However, things take an unexpected turn when he begins to unravel the mystery behind his luck. Will he be able to get out of the mess his doppelganger has made, and more importantly how will he keep this secret after falling in love with his ‘wife’?

Extending the buzz beyond the usual 1-month telecast, Doppelganger will include a Toggle prequel series in February and telemovie, followed by a 20-episode drama that will air on Channel 8 in March. This cross platform content build-up presents incredible opportunities for your brand to be seen and heard, and to develop deeper conversations with your consumers. Reach 2.3 million unduplicated views on the #1 TV channel in Singapore and engage overseas audiences with our exclusive Tencent partnership. Following the success of Little Nonya which garnered 26 million overseas views on Tencent’s platforms, Doppelganger will be streamed exclusively in China through Tencent China’s video platforms, with the show also being promoted on popular messenger services QQ and Wechat

Doppelganger is also Fann’s long-awaited Channel 8 comeback after 7 years, and the inclusion of overseas artistes such as Ricky Liew and Kelly from Taiwan alongside familiar faces Rebecca Lim, Darren Lim, Xu Bin and Ann Kok will definitely make Doppelganger a drama not to be missed. Boost your brand appeal and benefit from the high interest and attention generation by their star presence, and discover the effectiveness of reaching captive audience through branded content and premium positioning.

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