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MUST TRY! whips up a storm with a slew of compelling food programmes and events

Must Try

Food and cooking-related content is one of Mediacorp’s most popular genres, with an extremely strong following of TV viewers, radio listeners and print and online readers. MUST TRY! is a lineup of programmes and events about cooking and family togetherness in the kitchen, targeting people who love to eat, cook and seek value-for-money ingredients and cookware. 

Incorporating 360 Integrated Media Solutions across 3 verticals - MUST TRY! Eat, MUST TRY! Drink and MUST TRY! Cook, the central message is that home cooking is a great way to bond with family. This is reinforced through a variety of highly engaging programmes and segments on TV, radio and online, as well as on-ground activations. 

One programme to look out for is the 13-episode Food Struck (TX 4 April) on Channel 8’s best performing variety timebelt (Wednesday 8pm - 9pm). This exciting cooking competition held on a food truck will visit a different neighbourhood each week, and the theme will be based on the most popular food in the area. As 9 budding chefs vie to be the winner through a series of cooking challenges, up to 100 neighbourhood residents will be invited to the taste test and judge their creations. 

Ask your Mediacorp representative about the many sponsorship packages and merchandising opportunities available – ranging from family events to meet MUST TRY! mascots Fan Fan and Chop Chop, shareable online recipe videos, media packages and highly engaging community events like HDB block parties in partnership with People’s Association, and a Korean food fair. 

Here’s an overview of upcoming MUST TRY! programmes across the different platforms: -

Channel 8’s Must Try! Wednesday
•    Food Struck (13 episodes, TX 4 Apr)
•    The Duel (8 episodes, TX 4 Jul)
•    Home Dining (10 episodes, TX 29 Aug)
•    Desserts and Arts (10 episodes, TX 7 Nov)
•    Taste of Love (10 episodes, TX 16 Jan 2019)

Chinese Radio
•    Love972 上菜了! with Violet Fenying

Channel 5’s Must Try! Tuesday
•    Our Makan Places Season 5 (8 episodes, TX April)
•    For The Love of Food (8 episodes, TX Jun)
•    Hungry For Love (13 episodes, TX Aug)
•    Food Detectives Season 4 (8 episodes, TX Nov)
•    Ride Eat Find Season 2 (8 episodes, TX Jan 2019)

Toggle Must Try! Digital
•    Toggle: Must Try! Takeover (10 x 15-min webisodes)
•    SSBD Must Try! Gastronomy (10-15 mins webisodes)
•    Lunch with Seita (16 webisodes, TX Dec)
•    Crazy Cakes (16 webisodes, TX Feb)
•    My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours (6 webisodes, TX Mar)