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Oktosports targets sporting fans and active lifestyle enthusiasts

oktoSports is okto’s new sports belt featuring premium sports programming from around the world with a special focus on Team SG athletes and school sports.

oktoSports aims to motivate more active participation in sports and sporting activities, and rally support for the sports stars of today and tomorrow. It embodies the belief that sports entertains, inspires and unites. Targeted at Sporting fans and active lifestyle enthusiasts, oktoSports is expected to reach an audience of 1.73 million young adults between ages 18-39.

The wide variety of content on oktoSports include Super 100 which features fun and exciting sport challenges involving schools and their athletes; regular sporting content Italian Serie A; major sporting events such as FA Cup; and even “Live” coverage for the likes of 29th SEA Games, FIFA World Cup 2018 and Youth Olympic Games amongst others.

The oktoSports time belt runs from: -
Monday to Thursday 9.00pm to midnight
Friday 7.00pm to 12.30am
Saturday 9.00pm to 12.30am
Sunday 9.00pm to 1am

To find out more on how your brands can engage the sporting fans and active lifestyle enthusiasts, please reach out to our sales representatives.