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Reach for the skies with our star-studded drama

Reach for the Skies_1760px

Leverage on relatable storytelling and 150 episodes of non-stop publicity buzz to achieve long term brand exposure with Channel 8 latest long-form social dramedy.

Reach for the Skies <天天有希望> is a multigenerational social comedy-drama spanning 150 episodes that features the lives of a community set within a neighbourhood Community Centre’s training centre and minimart. Starting 2 April, viewers soon come to see that each character has their own unique story and ambitions – from struggling ex-convicts to folks attempting mid-career switches, older workers dealing with retraining and those facing relationship issues.

Featuring a star-studded cast of veterans and fresh faces, this long-form comedy tinged with touching moments will appeal to a wide audience. The non-stop publicity buzz of 7 months will also generate top-of-mind recall and extensive brand exposure.

With a significant numbers of scenes taking place in the minimart, there will be multiple opportunities for product exposure. Brands can take up the Creative Capsule sponsorship where the characters discuss the benefits of your product at the end of the episode. Educational institutes can also have their courses featured at the ‘Hope Training Centre’, which offers a wide range of classes such as floral arrangement, cooking and technical skills upgrading for retrenched workers.  

As Singapore’s No. 1 TV channel, Channel 8 has superior reach and is 1,940 per cent more cost efficient than competitor networks, costing advertisers only $22 to reach 1,000 audiences. Secure your exclusive share of voice on the 7.30pm Primetime Belt and stand out against the competition – Contact your Mediacorp sales representative for more information!