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Star Awards 2017


StarAwards 2017, Channel’s 8 most highly-rated show, to be held on 26 March, 2, 9 and 16 April will take on a new format. There will be a total of three Countdown Shows and one Award Show to offer more mileage for advertisers. The extended campaign period, programming and activities focus on elimination stages for Top 10 Most Popular Artistes to intensify the excitement, building up suspense for the main show.

This year’s show, theme Iridescent will witness the birth of three all-time favourite artistes. They will embark on a new journey of constant evolution of self, encompassing responsibility of shaping the next generation of actors. Bestowed with light from the audience, these stars shine like the hologram endowed with light. Some unconventional highlights of the show include Walk of Fame on a LED runway and hosting by all-time favourite artistes.

With publicity campaign reaching over 4.2 million people, the show is expected to rake in better ratings than before. Advertisers can look to an extensive range of sponsorship opportunities to suit your brand, such as:
- Patron Packages: Presenter, Main Sponsor and Co-Sponsor;
- Partner Packages (for Countdown Shows): Variety, Drama or Artiste;
- Special Packages: Top 10 Most Popular Male/Female, Best Theme Song, Venue Sponsor (Press Conference);
- Live Second Screen Packages: Toggle Live 360 Experience and Toggle Backstage Live;
- Walk of Fame Packages;
- Creative Capsules; and
- Customised Packages.

Enquire with our sales representatives to find out more about the sponsorship packages.