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Success of Star Awards 2017 helped our sponsors’ campaigns gain traction and awareness


Over 1.8 million TV viewers tuned into Star Awards 2017 on Channel 8 and Channel U on April 16, drawing in viewers from other video platforms including PayTV, clearly making the live telecast the #1 most watched programmed on Channel 8*. The red carpet show which simulcast on Channel 8 and U has an audience share of over 80%, with Youths aged 15-34 and PMEBs being the biggest groups watching the show.

Star Awards 2017 also garnered over 1.3 million video views on Toggle, and more 1.1 million unique visitors and 11.2 million page views on its microsite. High engagement level with fans was also established through Channel 8’s official FB page and various online platforms, achieving 60% positive reactions, with many fans expressing their excitement and support for the nominated artistes, as well as urging others to vote.  

There were over 6,000 #SA2017SG posts on IG with many fans congratulating their favourite artistes on their wins and the platform was abuzz with Star Awards chatter.

The success of Star Awards 2017 also contributed to an efficacious sponsor campaign that reached out to over 3.6 million people 4+ TV viewers, 1.3 million people 15+ through OOH, 1.2 million 15+ radio listeners, 100,000 people 15+ readers, and over 1.3 million ad impressions online.

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*Ranked by ratings among all target audiences across 1 Oct 2016 – 30 April 2017.