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Tug at viewers’ heartstrings with 20 Days

20 Days

A daring, brutally honest Channel 5 drama series that tackles the topics of singlehood, love and marriage on our little island. TX 15 Aug.

20 Days, spanning 13 episodes, is a fresh, honest approach to the burning questions of singlehood, love and marriage from the perspectives of both men and women of different ages, beliefs, races, and upbringing.

Starring Elvin Ng, Nat Ho, Felicia Chin and Ching Shu Yi, the show’s topics are highly relatable to audiences as more millennials delay marriage. The drama focuses on ‘the Circle of Unmarriageables’ – the newly single, chronically single or psychologically single. The main characters will navigate through the trials and tribulations of relationships, or a lack thereof, with the added pressure of being married in 20 days in order to inherit the family home.

With a compelling story supported by an A-list cast, this is a perfect opportunity for lifestyle brands and wedding-related services to connect with their target market. Moreover, because 20 Days also explores singles’ relationship to food, it is an excellent chance for food and kitchen appliance brands to reach a captive audience. The format also allows for highly flexible content integration.

Channel 5 has proven to be 1,513% more cost efficient than cable TV, reaching an average of 1.6 million viewers per week, which is at least 62% higher than any cable TV channel.

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