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Unfold the mysteries with Yaar 2

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Engage the Indian viewers as gripping storytelling sets the stage of this 43-episode thriller drama.

Vasantham’s popular mystery thriller Yaar returns this April for a second season, bringing more suspense to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The drama centres around a group of friends who share a deep, dark secret buried 10 years ago. Things take a dramatic turn during a group gathering when one of them goes missing.

Series 1 captured an average of 120,000 Indian 4+ viewers weekly and received 530,000 views on Toggle. Positive reviews flooded Vasantham’s social media platform, and logged over 16,000 video views engaging a total of 42,000 viewers.

Yaar 2 is scheduled to screen on the channel’s Golden Prime Time belt, which has a weekly reach of 300,000 unduplicated Indian viewers. Leading up to launch will be a three-week-long transmedia publicity campaign, and sponsorship options include joint-promo packages, creative capsules, message weave-ins and product incidentals.

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