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What goes on in Singapore After Dark

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Connect with the affluent PMEBs on Channel NewsAsia’s latest docu-reality series as we take a fascinating look at the livelihood of those who watch over Singapore after the sun goes down. TX 9 Aug.

Singapore After Dark is an insightful docu-reality series on Channel NewsAsia that focuses on life in The Lion City after night falls. It will be a digital-first documentary where viewers can catch the content a week before it is available on TV.

From emergency call dispatchers to coast guard vessels, from paranormal investigators to wildlife enthusiasts in search of an elusive creature, this 90-minute documentary features interconnected stories of people who start their day when the rest of the city goes to sleep. 

Meet the head of Singapore’s Lightsaber club, where grown men and women gather to fight using lightsabers in strange locations; follow an insomniac who prowls cemeteries in a futile attempt to find sleep; and a joss paper offering maker who burns his goods for wandering spirits, worrying that when he is gone, there will be no one left to make these things.

Singapore After Dark targets one of the most important audience segments, PMEBs, who set trends and lead with their opinions. Channel NewsAsia is Asia’s leading English news channel, reaching into 75 million homes and hotel rooms, and is 4,331% more cost efficient than news cable channels in Singapore.

Ask your Mediacorp representative for more information on how your brand can be part of this fascinating series.