A (Super!) Marketing Campaign

Campaign Objective

To increase the market share of grocery retail shoppers and awareness of the supermarket brand, Mediacorp created a campaign that spans across television, print, digital and on-ground events. 

Creating the most visibility is the TV variety program Neighbourhood Chef 2 <<邻里厨王2>> hosted by Quan Yi Feng and Mark Lee, where contestants pit their cooking skills in a cooking competition set in a community centre. Contestants will first gather at the supermarket to pick their specific food ingredient of the week providing ample exposure for the supermarket brand. 

Campaign Solution

  • Channel 8 TV variety program Neighbourhood Chef 2, a cooking competition with ample opportunities to showcase grocery shopping
  • Celebrity chef judges to enhance the programme and provide cooking tips
  • Published cookbook with recipes of neighbourhood culinary stars
  • Publicity across TV, Print, Digital and On-ground

Campaign Results

Impressive results achieved from April to August 2015

Reach on Channel 8

3.1 million (People 4+)

1.5 million (People 15-49)

0.9 million (Grocery Buyers)


106,000 Ad Impressions, with 6% click-through rate

Cookbook was snapped up within the day of launch

Survey shows 8 of 10 people could recall the enjoyable and easy to understand campaign