Opening doors, opening minds

Our new campus... Opening doors, opening minds.

It was years in the making. An epic production with a cast of thousands. Now poised to touch the lives of millions.

The new Mediacorp Campus – it’s showtime!

The curtain rises on a new creative epicentre that promises to fire the imagination and spark exciting possibilities. Designed by award-winning Japanese architect Maki & Associates, the 800,000 sq ft gleaming campus stands majestically with its iconic sweeps and curves and has been awarded BCA’s Green Mark Platinum rating for its eco-friendly building technology. Truly an architectural landmark within Mediapolis@one-north, Singapore’s first digital media hub.

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A home that opens minds to allow new ideas to shine

With its open and welcoming design, the new campus invites you to get into the act. At the heart of it all is a state-of-the-art 1,500-seat theatre that is earmarked to be Singapore’s new venue for international and local acts. Starting third quarter of 2017, Mediacorp will open its doors to the public with guided tours of its new campus. Catch a drama in the making and your favourite stars in action. Experience a “live” news broadcast or get up close and personal with radio deejays. After all the excitement, cool off by the cafes and bring home the experience with souvenirs and mementos from the gift shop. For any queries on our guided tours, please write to us at  

The new Mediacorp Campus. For us, it’s the start of a bright new tomorrow. For you, the promise of brilliant things to come.

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The new Mediacorp Campus and its refreshing new idea of integrating public engagement as part of its production/broadcast work was also featured in the Nikkei Architecture

Fun Facts / Highlights

  1. Level 9 atrium is 220 metres and 4-storey high: big enough to fit an A380 Airbus.
  2. Building’s cavernous shape is designed to create a wind tunnel (read: cooling) effect for the outdoor spaces.
  3. With a Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 80,000m2, 12 soccer fields can fit inside Mediacorp Campus.
  4. Open and welcoming architecture will transform the way Mediacorp works and engages its audiences and partners.
  5. Guided tours that allow visitors to gaze into the heart of the building to see Mediacorp in action, and have a go in front of the camera.
  6. Singapore’s largest outdoor TV digital screen at 15 x 15 metres.
  7. State-of-the-art theatre with acoustics to rival the world’s best concert halls.
  8. Majestic 50-step staircase that leads to a grand vista overlooking the media park.

Green Notes

  1. Awarded BCA’s Green Mark Platinum rating for its eco-friendly building technology.
  2. Efficient air-conditioning system saves energy.
  3. Regenerative drives recover waste energy from lifts.
  4. Light shafts that make the most of natural daylight.
  5. Campus is seamlessly linked to the major green belt along Kent Ridge Park to Rochester Park. 

Map and directions to Mediacorp Campus