Epic Singapore-Taiwan suspense series slated for 2019

Singapore, 5 December 2018 – Mediacorp, Taiwanese production house Eightgeman (拙八郎创意执行有限公司) and Taiwan Television Enterprise (台湾电视公司) are pleased to announce the co-production of high-concept drama All Is Well《你那边怎样.我这边OK》. 

The production will be presented as two interwoven series: One set in Singapore and the other in Taiwan. The production marks Mediacorp’s latest initiative in expanding its collaboration with the extended creative ecosystem beyond the shores of Singapore.

Bridging the best of both cultural ecosystems, Mediacorp and Eightgeman will furnish fans with an elevated viewing experience via these elements:

Multi-platform format. Hinging upon the real-life high-profile hacking of ATMs across Taiwan in 2016, All Is Well will thread two parallel plots, both sparked by the same seismic cyber-crime that occurs in the first episode of each series. Events diverge in dramatically different directions in each series, before coalescing to a heart-stopping head in the final episodes of both series.

Therein lies the twist in this dual-action drama: The Taiwan- and Singapore-situated sequences can either be enjoyed as standalone series or watched in tandem to tease out the intricate interlinks between the two.

“The multi-platform presentation accommodates appointment viewers as well as younger patrons predisposed to over-the-top streaming,” said Doreen Neo, Chief Content Officer, Mediacorp. “Our objective is to expand our exposure to a vast new swathe of spectators with varied viewing habits.”

Added Ms Neo: “We hope this will amplify our audience’s appreciation and ramp up regional recognition of the creative talent in different parts of the region.”

The Singapore storyline will screen every Monday to Friday on Channel 8 at 9pm from late-August 2019, trailed immediately by its Taiwan-centric counterpart on Channel U at 10pm the same night. The two series have 20 episodes each and will be made available on Toggle. Taiwan Television (TTV; 台灣電視公司) will air the series from late-August 2019.

Award-winning acclaim of assembly cast and production teams. All Is Well is the brainchild borne of the melding of minds from Mediacorp and Eightgeman – the latter led by distinguished director-producer Wang Shaudi (王小棣). Her expertise encompasses the eight-title incubator production project Qseries《植剧场》, which secured 42 nominations and nine awards at the Golden Bell Awards (金钟奖) over the course of two consecutive years. Other assorted accolades include Best Television Series wins for Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark《天黑请闭眼》and A Boy Named Flora A 《花甲男孩转大人》in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Meanwhile, production in Singapore will be spearheaded by senior executive producer Leong Lye Lin (梁来玲), a vaunted veteran holding claim to a Best Director win for Sudden《骤变》(2013) and back-to-back Best Drama nominations for The Dream Job 《绝世好工》and My Friends From Afar 《知星人》 at Star Awards 2017 and 2018 respectively.

“Putting our heads together with the Mediacorp team and sketching out the serpentine scenes was an intellectually stimulating endeavour,” said executive producer Wang Shaudi. “We hope the thrilling tale of murder, mystery and mayhem will enthrall and entertain our Taiwanese and Singaporean audiences.”

“The joint exercise in creativity has culminated in a unique undertaking unlike anything on the market right now,” said Leong Lye Lin. “The sophistication of this series is proof positive that the Singaporean and Taiwanese industries can hold their own against the big boys in the international artistic arena.”

The cross-pollination behind the cameras will be commensurate with the combined megawatt power of the megastars taking top billing.

The cosmopolitan cast includes commercially and critically acclaimed Taiwanese thespians Blue Lan (蓝正龙), Joanne Tseng (曾之乔) and Liu Kuan-Ting (刘冠廷). Singapore will be represented by equally lauded luminaries like Elvin Ng (黄俊雄), Desmond Tan (陈泂江), Romeo Tan (陈罗密欧), Ian Fang (方伟杰), Sheila Sim (沈琳宸), Zoe Tay (郑惠玉), Chen Hanwei (陈汉玮), Zhang Yao Dong (张耀栋),Paige Chua (蔡琦慧), Rayson Tan (陈泰鸣) and Denise Tan (陈楚寰), among other fan favourites.

Production excellence. Audiences can anticipate a programme par excellence. The aforementioned A-list artistes will be lensed on location in Singapore and Taiwan with the backing of a multi-million dollar investment.

“This ambitious alliance is indicative of our company’s nimbleness in navigating an ever-evolving multi-platform mediascape,” said Irene Lim, Chief Customer Officer, Mediacorp. “The co-production provides a boundary-breaking blueprint for future projects and reinforces our reputation as a forward-thinking force on the world stage.”

“TTV is honoured to collaborate with MediaCorp and Eightgeman on this innovative industry milestone,” said the Special Assistant to the Chairman, TTV. “Viewers can look forward to being acquainted with Taiwanese and Singaporean customs and landmarks through the progression of the plot in both cities. We wish you every success in filming and in scoring great ratings next year.”

The film producers’ biographies, show synopsis, high-resolution poster and publicity portraits of key cast members can be downloaded via this link: mediacorp-sg.sharefile.com/d-s2e9d9bd2cea4c0fb.

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About Eightgeman
In November 2014, eight Golden Horse and Golden Bell Directors – including Wang Shaudi (王小棣), Tsai Ming-Liang (蔡明亮), Chen Yu-Hsun (陈玉勳), Hsu Chieh-Hui (许杰辉), Ming-Tai Wang (王明台), Fu-chun Hsu (徐辅军), Chu Yu-ning (瞿友宁) and Ahn Zhe (安哲) – jointly set up a performance workshop and rallied senior screenwriters, actors and directors to contribute their professional knowledge and technical know-how, in the hopes of cultivating professional and solid performing talent in Taiwan.

After three years of TV series production and after conducting various courses in talent cultivation, the eight leading directors formally formed Eightgeman (拙八郎创意执行有限公) in January 2018, and officially renamed the performance classroom to Studio Q. It continues to cultivate and invest in Taiwan’s performing arts industry.

The company's main business is in film and television production, with production in the works including also All Is Well 《你那边怎样.我这边OK》 and 《植剧场II》, among others. The performance workshops include professional courses in various fields and genres such as the East and West theatre, as well as Peking Opera and practical rehearsal courses. The company also holds free fortnightly drama courses, so that each talent in the performance team will continue to fan the flames of their original passion in the film and television industries.

For more information, please visit www.eightgeman.com.

About Mediacorp
Mediacorp is Singapore’s largest content creator and transmedia platform, operating seven TV channels, 11 radio stations and multiple digital platforms including Channel NewsAsia (CNA), Singapore's most used news app, and Toggle, its digital video platform. Its mission is to engage, entertain and enrich audiences by harnessing the power of creativity.

Mediacorp pioneered the development of Singapore’s broadcasting industry, with radio broadcast in 1936 and television broadcast in 1963. Today, it reaches 99% of Singaporeans in all four languages, and has a growing Asian audience base through CNA and its entertainment content that is distributed across markets in the region.

Mediacorp’s investments include stakes in Reebonz, one of the region’s fastest growing luxury online retailers, and Vietnam television’s International Media Corporation. The Mediacorp Partner Network brings Mediacorp together with industry-leading brands like ESPN and 99.co to deliver rich content for consumers and effective solutions for advertisers.