Mediacorp's statement in response to reports about artiste Jin Yinji's painful experiences

Over the last two days, there have been several media reports relaying artiste Jin Yinji’s painful experience negotiating her contract with Mediacorp. Doreen Neo, Head of Studios and Chief Content Officer-Designate, Mediacorp has responded to these reports, reaffirming our respect for all colleagues and partners and our appreciation for the contributions of our veteran artistes. 

Ms Doreen Neo, Head of Studios and Chief Content Officer-Designate said, “At Mediacorp, we respect all our colleagues and partners, whoever they are. The media reports about our contract negotiations with actress Jin Yinji are a matter of grave concern for us and we have investigated the specific remarks reported. We understand from Jin Yinji that the hurtful “hire you, might as well hire a $50-an-hour player” remark was a passing comment made by a freelance producer who is no longer working with us, during a casual conversation that took place some 10 years ago. The incident had nothing to do with the recent contract negotiations.

There might have been a misunderstanding leading to reports that Yinji saw a salary cut in the last financial year. For some artistes, the fixed fee component has decreased but their overall compensation has increased because of the volume of work undertaken. We believe that Yinji was not talking about her overall compensation. Respecting the confidentiality of salary negotiations, we can’t go into details but we have reached out to Yinji to understand and address the issue. We value Yinji’s contributions over the decades and we regard all our artistes as colleagues and friends. We are anxious to clear up any misgivings.

Viewers can look forward to watching Yinji in two upcoming dramas – the 130-episode Life Less Ordinary [小人物向前冲] and the 20-episode My Teacher is a Thug [爱不迟疑].