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Regene Lim

October 01
English, Chinese

Regene started acting as a child actor since 2005. She was involved in both dramas and movies. She is one of the few talented child actress and was awarded the “Best Young Talent” for 3 consecutive years from 2009.

Regene is currently last year student in NTU Communications.

Regene is very passionate about acting as she loves inhabiting new characters and letting her imagination run wild as to how the character would talk and act like. Through acting as different characters, she gets to gain a new insight into how someone else’s life could be like, allowing herself to understand the people around more. Lastly, it is just fun to try being someone else, and do things that she wouldn’t normally do. It brings her out of her comfort zone to explore and experience new things.



2019       带你去走走 Jalan Jalan

               青春的旋律 Rhythm of Youth

2018       五零高手 Fifty & Fabulous

               你也可以是天使3 You Can Be An Angel 3

               加文纳桥的约定 Love at cavenage bridge

2012       糊里糊涂爱上它 Absolutely Charming

2010       走进走出 The Family Court

               过好年 Happy Family

               红白喜事 New Beginnings

               破天网 Breakout

2009       团圆饭 Reunion Dinner


               双子星 The Ultimatum

2008       一切完美 Perfect Cut

2007       手足2 Kinship 2

               幸福双人团 Mars VS Venus

               天堂鸟 Live Again

2006       刑警二人组 C.I.D


2010       割爱 Love Cuts

                绑匪 The Kidnapper

2019        寻龙少年 Fatekeepers 

2011  Star Awards 2009红星大奖2011 “青苹果奖” Young Talent Awards – 过好年Happy Family

2010  Star Awards 2009红星大奖2010 “青苹果奖” Young Talent Awards – 团圆饭Reunion Dinner

2009   Star Awards 2009红星大奖2009 “青苹果奖” Young Talent Awards一切完美 Perfect Cut