Close to 500 proposals vie for MediaCorp’s Content Innovation Fund

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Close to 500 proposals vie for MediaCorp’s Content Innovation Fund

Six to receive pilot funding

Singapore, 4 November 2011: Since the launch of MediaCorp’s five million dollar Content Innovation Fund on 29 June 2011, over 500 proposals from the world over have been received. This S$5 million fund which will be distributed over 3 years will be used to provide seed money to support the development stages of selected projects. These projects may then be commissioned for any of MediaCorp’s range of media platforms spanning television, radio, print, movies and digital new media.

Of the  close to 500 proposals which have been submitted, 30%  came from Australia, China, India, Malaysia, UK, USA, Philippines. Six projects have been selected from these proposals to receive pilot funding ranging from S$15,000 - S$50,000.

The selected projects are

1.Play This Mystery, drama cum game show, country

2.Animal In Me, animation

3.The Potential, reality

4.Do It Or Else, sitcom

5.Just Search It, game show

6.Channel News Kids, infotainment

Synopses of the projects can be found in the Annex.

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Synopses for the Projects:

1) Title: Play This Mystery

Genre: Drama cum Game Show

Synopsis: This is a role-playing gamer’s ultimate fantasy come to life! In the most realistic role playing game ever, players will get to enter a world of mystery and intrigue, physically, and get to solve puzzles and un-cover secrets, in the flesh. With MediaCorp celebrities playing characters, theatrical special effects and a realistic set, this is one engaging interactive drama experience that gamers and drama fanatics will not want to miss!

In the first instalment of the series, The Mystery of Missing Mei, the player is given a supernatural opportunity to go back in time and try and prevent a tragedy that occurred in 1968. 8 year old Xiao Mei had vanished from her plantation mansion one day and was never ever seen again. The smell of foul play lingers thick in the air and it is up to our players to uncover the secrets of the house and its 8 suspicious residents to prevent this tragedy from occurring, before time runs out.

2)Title: Animal in Me

Genre : Animation

Synopsis: Animal in Me follows the adventures of 8 year old Ezy, an orphan and animal bully, who accidently gets lost in the woods. He wants to find his way home but he does not know which way to go. Fortunately, a fairy helps him out by giving him a watch-like device that enables him to transform himself into various animals and speak their languages. Ezy is now able to talk to animals and ask for directions home. What animals will Ezy meet on his journey? What lessons will he learn from them? Will Ezy ever be able to find his way back to the orphanage?

3) Title: The Potential    

Genre: Reality Series

Synopsis : This is the first ever reality show that gives entrepreneurs a chance to raise funds and win $30,000 for the development of their products by pitching and pre-selling it to the masses via television. It is also a chance for viewers to purchase and vote for products they would like to see made via television and the online website. At the same time, it is also a social experiment that will reveal to us by the end of the series, just what sells in our city. Support innovation and local ventures by watching The Potential unfold.

4)Title: Do It or Else     

Genre: Sitcom

Synopsis: Do It of Else is a hilarious mockumentary sitcom on the workings of a fictitious government department in charge of devising and coordinating social campaigns in 60s Singapore. In the 1960s, the habits of the new immigrants were considered undesirable to the newly-independent country. Campaigns to shape mindsets on family-planning, health, environment, imaging and even road safety were implemented. Through the characters in the sitcom, we come to understand the motivations and mechanisms behind these campaigns and our society in a humorous way. In the first ever multi-dimensional TV experience, viewers also get to watch alternate stories featuring the characters via their mobile phones when QR codes appear on screen during the show. 


5)Title: Just Search It   

Genre: Game Show

Synopsis: Just Search It is an all, new, travelling game show that challenges people on the street to harness the power of the internet on an iPad to solve every day puzzles like fixing a CPU or solving the Rubik’s puzzle. Home viewers can also be on the show, LIVE, to offer contestants a hand in puzzle solving, via webcam on an online website. With $2000 up for grabs each episode, everyone’s invited to take up the challenge!  

6)Title: Channel News Kids       

Genre: Infotainment

Synopsis: Channel News Kids is a revolutionary new role playing experience for kids aged 12 and below. Kids get to play newscasters, reporters and newsroom editors in a real world news environment. When left in charge, what zany news stories will these kids bring to our television screens? Or is what is news to them simply a whole barrel of laughs for adults? This experience comes with an online newspaper, Kids Today, where kids can pretend to be press writers and submit news stories for their very own online newspaper. All kids are welcome to play.