Local music to get national exposure on free-to-air TV and radio

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Joint MDA-MediaCorp Media Release

Local music to get national exposure on free-to-air TV & radio

MDA and MediaCorp launch first joint call-for-proposal to create theme songs for seven MediaCorp TV programmes


Singapore, 25 September 2012 – If you can write and compose music, here is an opportunity to showcase your works to mass TV audiences, have them aired over MediaCorp free-to-air radio and online platforms and build up your fan base. In a first joint effort by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) and MediaCorp, local music companies and music artistes are now invited to score and produce original theme songs for one Malay, one English and five Chinese MediaCorp TV programmes (see Annex A) through a call-for-proposal (CFP) from 25 September to 5 November.

Interested content creators, including unsigned artistes and composers, can submit ideas for theme songs for the seven MediaCorp programmes, which range from in-house to independently produced blockbusters and dramas. The aim is to uncover music talent, provide a stage for their songs to be heard, and spur the creation of more good local music.  Selected songs will receive airplay on MediaCorp’s free-to-air TV channels and as catch-up TV on xinmsn. In addition, the songs will be broadcast on selected MediaCorp’s radio stations at least two weeks prior to the first telecast of the show, during the show and minimally one month after the show ends. 

Successful proposals will be commissioned by MDA and licenced for use by MediaCorp, after undergoing selection by a panel of evaluators comprising the show’s Executive Producer and story planners. MDA will fund up to S$8,000 under its Development Assistance grant scheme (http://www.mda.gov.sg/Schemes/Pages/DevelopmentAssistance.aspx) for selected applicants to develop each theme song. The funding can be used to offset expenses such as studio hire, mixing cost as well as producer, composer and artiste fees

This collaboration is in line with MDA’s efforts to match locally-produced music to locally-produced content, with the foremost being the film Imperfect. Its theme song is thefirst to be supported under Production Assistance (http://www.mda.gov.sg/Schemes/Pages/ProductionAssistance.aspx), which encourages productions that highlight Singapore talents in credited roles and spur Singapore Spend [1].

Following on from such efforts, this joint CFP is expected to pave the way for future tie-ups between MDA and MediaCorp, with the aim to create more opportunities for local musicians to score theme songs for local dramas in all four languages via MDA’s Development Assistance. It is an extension of the enhanced Development Assistance grant schemes which came into effect in July to better promote the music industry.

“MDA is intensifying our support for local musicians by working with our national broadcaster to ensure airplay for our local music talent on free-to-air platforms. We hope the increased exposure will help local audiences better appreciate local music and take pride in local content,” said Mr Yeo Chun Cheng, Director (Broadcast, Animation, Film and Music) of MDA. “We have also ensured that the Intellectual Property rights of the songs belong to their creators, so they can exploit the song further, such as having it played overseas, or incorporated into a compilation album.”

Mr Chang Long Jong, MediaCorp Deputy CEO said: “We are excited about this joint effort and look forward to hearing good, memorable pieces for our productions. Time and time again, we have seen how the theme songs of our drama serials have managed to strike a chord with our viewers and connect with them emotionally, bringing them closer into the story and the characters that they root for. From the classic The Awakening, to more recent productions like Devotion and the iconic The Little Nyonya, these theme songs have endured the test of time and became a part of our collective popular culture.”

The call-for-proposal begins 25 September and ends on 5 November for all programmes, with the exception of 96 Degrees Café (short form), whose submission will end one week earlier on 22 October. Interested parties may go to http://www.mda.gov.sg/Industry/Music/IndustryOverview/Pages/CallForProposal.aspx for more information. The successful theme songs are expected to air on MediaCorp channels from 2013 onwards.

For more information, please contact:

Ms Ang Yi Eng

Executive (Industry Comms)


Media Development Authority

Tel: +65 9726 3170

Email: ang_yi_eng@mda.gov.sg

Mr Winston Chong

Senior Manager

Corporate Communications


Tel: +65 6350 3351

Email: winstonchong@mediacorp.com.sg

 [1] Singapore Spend refers to a project’s expenditure on the cost items incurred in Singapore or on Singaporeans (regardless of residence/location) or Permanent Residents (based in Singapore). This includes third-party costs incurred and paid directly to a Singapore business entity or Singaporeans overseas. Any goods and/or services supplied by a Singapore business entity must be substantially supplied, performed or value-added in Singapore. For more information, please refer to http://www.mda.gov.sg/Schemes/Pages/GrantSchemes.aspx

 About Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA)
The Media Development Authority of Singapore (www.mda.gov.sg) promotes the growth of globally competitive film, television, radio, publishing, music, games, animation and interactive digital media industries. It also regulates the media sector to safeguard the interests of consumers, and promotes a connected society. MDA is a statutory board under the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (www.mica.gov.sg).

About MediaCorp
MediaCorp is Singapore’s leading media company with the most complete range of platforms, spanning television, radio, newspapers, magazines, movies, digital and out-of-home media. 

It pioneered the development of Singapore’s broadcasting industry, with the broadcast of Radio in 1936 and Television in 1963. Today, MediaCorp has over 50 products and brands in four languages (English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil), reaching out to all adults in Singapore every week. 

Initiatives in the new digital space include Internet TV-on-demand, High Definition TV broadcast and Over-the-Top (OTT) interactive services. 

Beyond Singapore, MediaCorp is an active regional player through co-productions in TV dramas and movies, magazines publishing, as well as Channel NewsAsia International, one of the first Asian-owned English news channels. 

Winner of numerous international awards and accolades including Asian Television Awards’ Terrestrial Broadcaster of the Year, MediaCorp’s vision is to become Asia’s top media company, delivering valued content to the world. 

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List of MediaCorp Drama Programmes under MDA – MediaCorp Call-for-proposal for Theme Song Production 


Mata Mata (20 episodes, Drama)

Drama series inspired by real life events, set in post-war Singapore, 1950s-60s, as seen through the eyes of three fictitious women police officers from the first Women Constabulary in Singapore. Each episode will feature a crime or a social issue of the era and invoke feelings of pride in the work of police officers in maintaining peace and justice, while conveying hope, strength and positivity.



Bingit (8 episodes, Drama) 

Comprising four compelling stories in two parts each, Bingit explores what drives today’s youth over the edge. Four different youths who have different kinds of mental problems -- multiple personality disorder, anorexia, schizophrenia and self-harm -- will be portrayed.



96°C Café, 96°C 咖啡 ( 8 x 10 minutes, Short Form drama)

A love story about how a café owner, Liqiao, comes to terms with the sudden tragic demise of his beloved wife, Xijie, while believing that she is still alive and by his side. Yuchen, a cheerful and optimistic new staff at the café lends him a helping hand and guides him eventually to finding courage and enlightenment to move on.



96°C Café, 96°C 咖啡 (20 episodes, Long Form drama)

Apart from dreams, laughter and joy, we are all bound to encounter helplessness, setbacks, troubles, disappointment and the unexpected. These experiences are scored into little episodes in one’s life that are unfolded in 96°C Café. This drama continues from where the mini drama left off, and with a cup of 96°C coffee, stimulates a deep awakening and closes the chapter for everyone.



The Dream Makers, 志在四方 (30 episodes, Drama)

Temptations of fame can corrupt a person, especially in an environment where the common belief that “the devil gets the hindmost” prevails.  Faced with competition and pressure, can one juggle work, family and friends optimally?  The Dream Makers explores the lives of those working in the frontline and at the backstage of a TV Station.



The Recruit Diaries, 阿兵新 (13 episodes, Drama) 

Thirty years ago,《新兵小传》Army Series followed the rite of passage of a motley crew of National Servicemen. Thirty years on, their sons are going to retrace their footsteps. With hilarity lacing each challenge and life experience, this sitcom traces the growth and experiences of a new generation of recruits through the three-month long, arduous and teeth-gritting Basic Military Training.



I’m in Charge, 小子当家 (20 episodes, Drama)

Once a rebellious teen, Boy has to shoulder the duty and responsibility of being the man of the house when his mother becomes comatose. Not only does he have to support the family, he also must bear the responsibility of looking after his younger siblings.  The story underscores the value of family love and the need for young people to be independent and to have a sense of responsibility.


Submissions must reach MediaCorp by the following dates:

For 96 Degrees Café (short form)             :               Monday 22 October 2012, 1800 hrs

For the other 6 titles                               :               Monday 5 November 2012, 1800 hrs