MediaCorp launches ‘My Story’ initiative to preserve memories

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MediaCorp launches 'My Story' initiative to preserve memories

Singapore, 30 May 2013 – MediaCorp launches ‘My Story’ today to collect memories from Singaporeans to preserve our own heritage and legacy of broadcast media and related history. In conjunction with TV50 jubilee’s celebration this year, MediaCorp targets to capture the significant milestones of broadcast media history.
‘My Story’ also aims to document the rich history of Caldecott Broadcast Centre before MediaCorp moves to the new campus. The crowd-sourced memories will also be crafted to tell “The Singapore Story”, shared through the ‘Art of a Radio Tale’ on air.
In the months ahead, MediaCorp will introduce various programmes across its television channels, radio stations, newspaper, magazines and digital platforms for Singaporeans to reminisce and recollect their memories.
“We are inviting Singaporeans to use the website to share their memorable moments. These could be their stories related to a scene on TV, a song on radio, a news report, an encounter with a celebrity, or any related experience that evokes their memories. Through this, we aim to capture and preserve Singaporeans’ memories of their broadcast media and related experiences as part of our national heritage in collaboration with Singapore Memory Project. We also hope that some of the stories will inspire us to develop more meaningful and compelling shows and formats for our audiences,” said MediaCorp Deputy CEO, Chang Long Jong.
The memories will be collected via ‘My Story’ website at in three different formats, namely, photo, video and audio.
Communications on ‘My Story’ will be through a 360 solution, ranging from Television, Radio, and TODAY newspaper to online social media platforms.
The memories collected through ‘My Story’ will be contributed to the Singapore Memory Project (SMP). Mr. Gene Tan, Director of the Singapore Memory Project said, “Over the past 50 years, we have grown up with many stories from MediaCorp’s TV programmes, personalities, songs, campaigns, etc. We hope to capture these valuable memories which contribute to telling the Singapore story and at the same time, preserve them for posterity.” 

This project is in partnership with the Singapore Memory Project, a whole-of-nation movement which aims to capture and document precious moments and memories related to Singapore; recollections not merely 2 from individual Singaporeans, but also organisations, associations, companies and groups. Since its launch in August 2011, the SMP has pledged and collected 830,000 contributions.

Visit, tweet or post a photo on Instagram with #mystorySG, to make your contributions.

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About MediaCorp

MediaCorp is Singapore’s leading media company with the most complete range of platforms, spanning television, radio, newspapers, magazines, movies, digital and out-of-home media.
It pioneered the development of Singapore’s broadcasting industry, with the broadcast of Radio in 1936 and Television in 1963. Today, MediaCorp has over 50 products and brands in four languages (English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil), reaching out to all adults in Singapore every week.
Initiatives in the new digital space include Internet TV-on-demand, High Definition TV broadcast and Over-the-Top (OTT) interactive services.
Beyond Singapore, MediaCorp is an active regional player through co-productions in TV dramas and movies, magazines publishing, as well as Channel NewsAsia International, one of the first Asian-owned English news channels. 
Our financial and strategic relationship in the region includes International Media Corporation in Vietnam, which was set up to develop and produce television entertainment and economic news content. MediaCorp also has a stake in Singapore-based retail firm Reebonz, one of the region’s fastest growing luxury online retailers and a majority stake in Cubinet Interactive, a Malaysian digital games publisher.

Winner of numerous international awards and accolades including Asian Television Awards’ Terrestrial Broadcaster of the Year, MediaCorp’s vision is to become Asia’s top media company, delivering valued content to the world. 

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Channel 5

Channel 5’s blockbuster trilogy ‘Mata Mata’ will be having a series of crowd sourcing activities to solicit for photographs and memories that looks back at our history, heritage, and way of life. Audiences can also share their memories watching Channel 5.

Ch 8

Channel 8’s ‘The Journey’ will be having a series of crowd-sourcing activities over the next 3 years, from 2013 to 2015. This involves a mass exercise to solicit historical memorabilia, artifacts and photos from the public.

Ch U

In an effort to encourage memory contribution from the public, Channel U's variety game show ‘Finding U’ will also have a series of activities to solicit photos and mementos that bring back memories of Channel U.

Channel NewsAsia

Channel NewsAsia shares memories of the nation through two programmes:

We Made The News (formerly News@50 docu) 1 hr docu

This documentary looks back at the top news events that happened in the last 50 years. We will also identify the people who either featured in those iconic scenes, or helped made those scenes happen. What has happened to them? Tracing those individuals, we trace the events or stories that have helped to shape the country. We invite viewers during the telecast of this programme to share their memories of what made the news, what made them stop in their tracks and what made them proud to be Singaporean.

Treasure Hunt (8 x 30min)

Do you have a treasure you want appraised? A ticket from the first year that Tanjong Pagar railway station was launched? Or a telegram from your grandparents to your parents during WWII? We will call for viewers to send us information about their treasures and each week, the presenter and a historian will visit a home to appraise 1 particular “treasure”, and in the process, uncover the history behind it and what it tells of Singapore’s past.


Memento Singapore

Wednesdays, 26 June at 10pm

It is history meets adventure as we travel down memory lane in "Memento Singapore". As we relive the nostalgic everyday objects iconic to our nation's growing up years, we will also search for these Memento whereabouts and uncover the intriguing stories that they hold. Viewers will be encouraged to send in photos of their own mementos.

PLAY Nation

Wednesday 21 Aug at 10pm

In a special episode, PLAY Nation will seek to uncover Singapore's history through the way we play and have fun. In the process, PLAY Nation will evoke many memories for viewers while introducing new perspectives and never-before-seen attractions to our youths. Viewers will be asked to share with us their memories/ photos/ memorabilia of their favourite shopping mall, cinema, singer or past time in the 70s or 80s whether it is playing 5 stones or marbles etc.

My Grandfather’s Road

Wednesdays, 28 Aug at 10pm

We will also be exploring the history of Singapore through its roads and the people who paved the way for the future in "My Grandfather's Road". Beyond the history of the roads, we will also trace the profile's family line to find the connection between his ancestors and the road itself. This programme will evoke memories from the past and viewers will be encouraged to share their memories/photos.


Karung Guni Muda (Young Karung Guni. Karung Guni means rag-and-bone)

22 May – 10 Jul Wed 8:30pm

Ever wondered why your grandmother or aunt has always kept that tea-set or other hand-me-downs passed down from generations but shoved in the closet?

Dusty boxes old knick-knacks and unnamed junk collecting dust under your bed or in your cupboards and no one knows what is inside anymore!

What if your clutter and heirlooms can not only shed light on Singapore’s history, but also brings you some money?

A young host will dive into the grime and uncover hidden gems that can not only reveal a slice of Singapore past, but also may hold a key to fortune!

Dagang (Trade Trail)

30 Oct – 18 Dec (Wed 8.30pm)

Singapore was well-known for its Entrepôt trade, by purchasing raw goods and refining them for re-export, and its strategic port which makes it more competitive than many of its neighbours in carrying out such entrepot activities.

‘Dagang’ shall trace back the origins of these traders that have set foot in Singapore and visit the roots of the source from where it originated. (Singapore Stories)

4 Sep – 23 Oct (Wed 8:30pm)

‘’ is a documentary series that shares memorable stories of the people, places or events.

From sports to housing to food, join the host as he journeys through the stories told from one generation to the other.

Kita Orang Singapura (We Are Singaporeans)

6 Jan 2014 – 31 Mar 2014 (Mon 8:30pm)

‘Kita Orang Singapura’ is the Malay edition of ‘We Are Singaporeans’, a game show about everything and anything Singapore from history to culture to trivia.