Mediacorp premieres All Around You《回路网》 and Aus-some Getaway 《与你澳游》

Singapore, 18 February 2020 - Eager fans who have been anticipating the debut work of Star Search 2019 winner Zhang Ze Tong, wait no more! Set to light up screens are two exciting, brand-new shows: drama All Around You《回路网》and infotainment programme Aus-Some Getaway 《与你澳游》 specially scripted to feature Ze Tong and his fellow Star Search alumni in their inaugural performances, post-competition. Representing a fresh chapter in their showbiz journeys, both titles are part of Mediacorp’s dedicated efforts to nurture next-gen artistes and to showcase their talents across a myriad of platforms. 

All Around You《回路网》

First to look out for is All Around You, a modern-day title specially scripted for these showbiz newbies. Featuring four young social media experts navigating the intricacies of the digital world for their clients, the show highlights different cases they will seek to resolve using their online PR skills. Audiences can also look forward to some beautiful cinematic shots filmed in Okinawa which will add to the show’s storytelling and viewing experience. (Please refer to Annex A for synopsis of All Around You).

In this, Ze Tong will take on his first acting challenge as lead actor, while all other Star Search 2019 finalists including first runner-up Herman Keh and second-runner-up Ye Jia Yun take on supporting roles. Acting alongside them are fellow leads Chantalle Ng, Shane Pow, Regene Lim, and other Star Search alumni Desmond Tan, Felicia Chin, Aileen Tan and Romeo Tan.

Loh Woon Woon, Executive Producer for All Around You, Mediacorp said: “From onset, we have made the bold decision to feature all the Star Search finalists in All Around You, which makes this a very special drama where more than half of the cast is new to acting. This demonstrates Mediacorp’s commitment to grooming our new talents where they can learn directly from our experienced crew and fellow acting veterans through the production process. At the same time, this will also provide a great platform for young artistes to showcase themselves through the drama, allowing the public to know them better.”   

On his debut drama, The Celebrity Agency (TCA) artiste Zhang Ze Tong said: “All Around You is a drama of many exhilarating firsts for me – My first male lead role, first topless scene and first overseas filming experience! I feel really lucky to be able to work with a crew who is always so patient with me, and my co-stars who have  provided me with good advice and sound guidance.” 

Aus-some Getaway 与你澳游

Up next is infotainment programme Aus-some Getaway, which is Ze Tong’s first foray into professional hosting alongside fellow Star Search teammate Sheryl Ang. Catch the duo as they embark on a fun-filled trip to Perth, Australia with their Star Search celebrity mentor Christopher Lee, and introduce famous tourist spots while spending time together in their first on-screen gathering since the competition. Fans will be able to witness lively mentor-mentee interactions throughout the 2-episode travelogue as Christopher Lee offers acting advice while the two share thoughts on their showbiz journeys thus far. (Please refer to Annex B for synopsis of All Aus-some Getaway).

Jean Toh, Vice President for Chinese Entertainment Production, Mediacorp said: “Aus-some Getaway is the first infotainment project by Ze Tong and Sheryl, and is a great opportunity for them to showcase their hosting capabilities through a lively and entertaining programme. At the same time, having Christopher on-board to continue his mentoring for his two Star Search mentees reinforces our dedication to nurturing our young talents, making sure that they have all the support needed to learn, grow and shine on their showbiz journeys.”      

Ze Tong added: “I have always wanted to do a travel vlog and this is definitely a dream come true! This is my first trip to Australia and it was made more meaningful by the fact that I got to travel with my Star Search mentor Christopher Lee, and team member, Sheryl. We also discovered many unseen sides to one another and I cannot wait for everyone to catch the show!”   

All Around You will premiere on 2 March on and Channel 8, (weekdays, 9pm); while Aus-some Getaway will be shown on 16 and 23 March on and Channel 8, 8.30pm.



Annex A
Synopsis of All Around You

Female protagonist Li Xintong is emotionally close to her sister Carmen. When Carmen was in Japan, she fell prey to a love scam and so was depressed, she took her life, leaving Xintong devastated. Years later, Xintong joined a special web PR company Shadow, which helps their client deal with online problems, such as cyber bullying, online falsehood etc. The company is set up by Huo Junhao, a smart, resourceful and mysterious guy. Xintong is Junhao’s aide and apprentice, Junhao decides to leave Shadow to Xintong but even Xintong would not know Junhao’s whereabouts.

Xintong cross path with par-time waiter Chen Shiyang, who received complain for his bad service by an unhappy customer, the restaurant sack Shiyang due to pressure online since he is only a part-timer. Xintong learn of this situation and said she can help. Xintong is trained by Junhao to understand netizens mindset, behavior, and how social media works. Xintong enlisted the help of her teammates, IT expert Zhuang Weiren and lifestyle influencer Yue Baobao. Together, they turnaround online opinion about the matter, changing the focus from “unhappy customer VS arrogant restaurant”, to “rich entitled customer VS waiter trying to make an honest living”. Online opinion shifted and the restaurant had to call and give Shiyang back his job. Shiyang is amazed at Xintong and her teammates,   wanted to join Shadow instead.  

Xintong is reluctant at first, but Shiyang learns about Xintong’s first case, offers to help. Xintong’s client is Ma Siyu, a popular actress accused of having an affair with a married man. Shiyang is also a part-time actor, provided information with this case. Weiren and Baobao who didn’t really like Shiyang at first, had to agree with Xintong to allow Shiyang to join.

The 4 of them teamed up and helped other clients such as a well-known bread shop in trouble after a photo of a dead lizard found in their signature bread went viral and a student who got doxed after his involvement in a sexual misconduct case is exposed online. The team help their clients overcome their crisis with smart PR strategies, right for this internet age. The 4 also became good friends in the process with romantic sparks flying around.  

After celebrating a few success, the team find themselves in a difficult situation, actually, the 4 of them were victims of Junhao’s past scams and wrongdoings. Is not a coincidence that the 4 of them came together, will they be able to get the justice they deserve, or they are no match for the smart and cunning Huo Junhao?

Annex B 
Synopsis of All Aus-some Getaway

Veteran actor Christopher Lee, together with Star Search winner Zhang Ze Tong and finalist Sheryl Ang, are off to Perth, Australia for a fun-filled getaway. 

Besides visiting tourist attractions and famous restaurants, this 2-episode travelogue also shows a never-before-seen side of the artistes and their interactions beyond Star Search competition. 

Christopher shares his experience and tips with the mentees, while Ze Tong & Sheryl share their thoughts after embarking on their new acting journey.

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