Young Creators Project aims to nurture local creative talents in tertiary institutions

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Young Creators Project aims to nurture local creative talents in tertiary institutions

Singapore, 23 May 2018 – Mediacorp has launched Young Creators Project, a talent development initiative to nurture and grow Singapore’s creative talent pool. Supported by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), the initiative builds on Mediacorp’s continuous efforts to strengthen industry capability and increase its collaborations with content creators across the ecosystem. 

The Young Creators Project aims to provide budding content creators with resources and skills needed to bring their aspiring ideas to life. This includes funding support, mentorship by industry experts, as well as access to production resources such as filming equipment, studio facilities and props.

Since last June, each group of the young creators was paired with a mentor from Mediacorp Studios.  The mentor, either an Executive Producer, Director, Writer or Cameraman offered valuable advice and insights to the group from the story pitching process to the actual production work-in-progress.

A total of 11 short films have been produced by students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, and Temasek Polytechnic, and are now available on Toggle on  for free viewing.  For information on the 11 short films, please see Annex II.

Doreen Neo, Chief Content Officer, Mediacorp said, “The Young Creators Project is one of the ways we are nurturing local creative talent and providing the platforms for them to showcase their work. We’ve gained new perspectives from working with them too. These students come with fresh ideas for storytelling and are keen to experiment with new formats.”

Dorothy Lai, Director of Public Service Media and Assessment of IMDA, said, “Nurturing the next generation of content creators is a great way to encourage new story ideas that will keep local public service content fresh and relevant for Singapore audiences, especially among the millennials. IMDA is happy to support this Mediacorp initiative, and we look forward to the emergence of more innovative ideas by our aspiring young talent.”

Testimonials of the 3 polytechnics are attached in Annex I.

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Ms Gail Goodenough, Course Manager, Diploma in Digital Film & Television, Temasek Polytechnic School of Design said, “This collaboration with Toggle has given our students the real-world experience of working with a media client. Having their films screened by the national broadcaster also gives them the invaluable opportunity to showcase their abilities and for employers to discover new talent.”

Mr Leslie Tan, Course Chair for the Diploma in Film, Sound & Video, Ngee Ann Polytechnic said, “Working alongside Toggle and Mediacorp has been a great learning experience for our students, from their involvement in the pitch process to their access to mentorships and professional services. This collaboration has allowed them to get their original content onto an established online platform and to find a greater audience for their films.”

Ms Emida Natalaray, Deputy Director, School of Technology for the Arts, Republic Polytechnic said, “The Young Creators Project provided our students with the rare opportunity to produce their own short films with a ready audience. Through the project, students applied what they learnt in the classroom to a real world context and flexed their creativity in a professional setting. They were able to do so in a supportive environment that not only provided funding but also mentoring. This allowed our students to tell lesser known stories from their point of view and provide a millennial’s take on what it means to be a young Singaporean in a technologically complex and socially ambiguous  world.”








Ngee Ann Poly



Leong is over-qualified but under-valued in metropolitan Singapore where everything is a cutthroat numbers game. His son James struggles with a speech impairment and is cruelly outcast by his peers. Their relationship is further strained by a bleak financial situation but they soon realise that they aren’t that different after all, and it's going to be them against the world.


Ngee Ann Poly

The Prom Bomb


Four teenage punk-loving loser friends gear up for the most important performance of their lives but the universe turns against them – and they’re on in 10 minutes!


Temasek Poly

Nina Boboi

Period Drama

A Eurasian kampong girl finds unlikely love in a British man. However, when bombs hit Singapore, their village and family is thrown into a period of uncertainty and distrust. Relationships are broken and loves are lost. Her dear husband seemingly abandons her and their unborn daughter to flee to safety. However, when the dust has settled, a man that shows up at her door turns her world upside down. She will find out what sacrifice and the true meaning of home is.


Temasek Poly

债 (Debt)


Chloe, an 18-year-old student, has to run for the loan sharks in order to clear her boyfriend’s debt. Her mother finds out and tries to help her pay off the debt. Things get messy throughout the process. Chloe then begins to learn how much her mother had sacrificed to provide a peaceful life for her.


Temasek Poly

(Remember Me Not)


The sole caretaker of her Alzheimer’s disease ridden father, a daughter is made to grapple with and confront her own guilt and regrets as she embarks on a journey of self-forgiveness and closure.


Temasek Poly

A Slow Fast

Comedy Drama

A young boy, Dhan is faced with the challenge of leading his team to win the Hopping Tiger's Tail Interclass competition, while fasting for the first time.  Faced with many obstacles, Dhan gives his all to his first day of fasting, only to learn that fasting is for a whole month. To make his teammate understand his commitments, he needs to have self-control and to uphold his promise to fast since he is a 'boy of his words’.


Temasek Poly

普洱 (Pu-Er)

Drama, Fantasy

A famous but snobbish artist, becomes anonymous after drinking a mythical tea and has to reclaim his fame or else lose the ownership of his works.


Republic Poly

Take Flight


Rashid, an introverted, slightly awkward and socially outcast little boy, tries to impress his crush by fixing her broken drone.  The only problem is he has no clue how to go about doing it. When he learns that the big, bad scary neighbourhood recluse is his only hope, he strong-arms his way into his neighbour’s life, leading to a unique friendship that will cause the both of them to grow in unexpected ways.


Republic Poly


Drama with supernatural theme

Johan, an idealistic writer and a hopeless romantic becomes intrigued by a mysterious painting of a beautiful but melancholic woman in a kebaya. As his obsession with her grows following several ghostly encounters, Johan’s life and marriage spirals out of control, even as questions about the painting and his own sanity arise.


Republic Poly


Family Drama

Chen is barely coping after the unexpected loss of his wife Joyce, and now he must take on the role she has left behind by taking care of his two young daughters, Jia Ting and Jia Yi. Exploring uncharted territory with his girls, Chen realises that to be a good father perhaps all he has to do is be there instead of trying so hard.


Republic Poly

Coffee For Two

Comedy Drama

When stubborn grandfather Wong – who is still mourning the loss of his wife, the love of his life – suddenly finds himself yearning for the unique taste of a cup of coffee he once enjoyed with his late wife, he drags his reluctant grandson Paul on a hunt for this exquisite brew. As a simple trip to a coffeeshop starts to unravel badly, the unlikely pair soon find themselves at loggerheads as their vastly different personalities, points-of-view and upbringing, made worse by the dreaded generation gap, clash. But is there more to this old man’s quest than originally thought – and will the duo be able to make amends over a cup of coffee?