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A special selection of local podcasts curated just for your listening pleasure.

English Programmes


2 Aug

Get Up with Gerald & Kim
The Shock Circuit with Sonia & Joakim

2 Aug to 7 Aug

'‘Sweetest Shoutout' segment with Ann Nicole


7 Aug to 16 Aug


GOLD 905

30 July to 5 Aug

Lunchtime Jukebox with Denise Tan

2 Aug to 6 Aug

LIVE! with Mike & Vernetta
Lunchtime Jukebox with Denise Tan

Symphony 924

2 Aug to 9 Aug

Breakfast with Andrew, Lunchtreats with Gerald, The Drive Home with Khim

Chinese Programmes


26 July to 10 Aug

My Love Letter to Singapore

LOVE 972

28 July to 30 July & 4 Aug to 6 Aug

Tales of Old Singapore with Marcus Chin
《彬彬讲古 - 狮城知多少》

7 Aug

National Day Sing-along
《爱国歌曲 大家唱》

YES 933

2 Aug to 6 Aug

YES 933 National Day Giveaway
《YES 933 国庆好礼送不停》

Malay Programmes

Warna 942

2 Aug to 9 Aug

Dirgahayu Singapura

Ria 897

7 Aug & 8 Aug
8.15am/pm, 8.45am/pm, 9.15am/pm, 9.45am/pm

iRia: National Day Special Edition

9 Aug

Backstage: NDP Live Commentary

9 Aug, 2pm

Pelangi-Ria Muzik Mash (National Day Edition)

Tamil Programmes

Oli 968

9 Aug, 7.30am

Vanakkam Singai: National Day Special

9 Aug, 11.00am

Anantham Arambam: National Day Special

9 Aug, 6.00pm

Tea Kadai: National Day Special

9 Aug, 9.00pm

Iravinil Aattam: National Day Special

Broadcast dates and timing are accurate as at time of publishing.