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Catch the annual President’s Star Charity (PSC) for a showcase of uplifting performances and support the good cause! Themed “Love Connects”, PSC 2021 aims to rally all in Singapore to build a more digitally inclusive society and help those in need.

Hosted by Rebecca Lim and Nurul Aini, this year’s show will feature a strong ensemble of local and international top talents. We can also look forward to inspirational collaborations between persons with disabilities and Mediacorp artistes.


Together we can help more individuals overcome challenging circumstances. Every little bit counts.

PSC Song Signing Challenge

Show your support for President’s Star Charity by joining the PSC Song Signing challenge!

  • Familiarise yourself with the signing to the chorus of PSC theme song “Believe”
  • Upload a video of yourself taking part in the challenge on your TikTok, Instagram or Facebook account
  • Include hashtag #PSCChallenge and set your account to public so we can see your support!
  • Nominate and tag someone to pass on the challenge.
Listen to “Believe” chorus

Join us in this social movement and be part of a worthy cause!