Cynthia Koh

March 25
Mandarin, English, Teochew, Hokkien
Acting, Hosting

Cynthia Koh’s potential and flair for acting have been duly recognized even before her glamour days. In fact, the saccharine sweet actress made her small screen debut in The Dating Game while still undergoing training in the 10th  Professional Drama Performers’ Training Course organized by the then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation in 1992.  Over the years, the petite actress continuously outshines with her acting skills to transcend into the leading lady.

The multi-talented actress also made her debut in stage performance in the critically acclaimed Men At Forty-Eight in 1997.  Her acting skill was further recognised when she bagged the Best Actress award in Star Awards ’99 with her breakthrough performance in Stepping Out where she played a long-suffering woman fighting against her fate. The same role also earned her a nomination in the same category at the Asian Television Awards. She is also one of the first Singaporean actress to ever shave her head for a role.

Effectively bilingual, Cynthia made her cross over to English drama when she was cast in the award-winning local series, Growing Up, which was immediately followed by another lead role in @Moulmein High, a high school drama, making her a huge idol amongst teengers across the island.

To date, Cynthia has not only handled diversified roles both in Chinese and English, but has also tried her hands at hosting and singing, all, to favourable reviews. A thespian actress, it is little wonder why she is a hot favourite amongst directors and producers alike. She was in two 100-episode long Chinese drama, Holland V and Portrait of Home as leading roles.

Her past productions include The Little Nyonya in 2008, a storyline with a Peranakan setting that spans over 70 years starting from the 1930s which recorded the highest rating in local TV history for the past 15 years. She was also cast in Crescendo, a Singaporean Musical Drama about Xinyao in 2015. And in 2019, Cynthia’s outstanding performance Say Cheese earned her another nomination for Best Supporting Actress in Star Awards 2019 and also in Asia Pacific’s most prestigious Awards for Creative Excellence - Asian Academy Creative Awards.



2000 - 2000 AD公元2000




2010   过好年 Happy Family

       五福到 The Best Things In Life

       三个女人一个宝 Precious Babes

       查某人 Mrs P.I.

2011  麻婆斗妇 The In-Laws     


2012     星洲之夜 A Song To Remember

       注定 Show Hand

       那一年我们淋着雨 The Day It Rained on our Parade

2013   96°C 咖啡 96°C Cafe

       小小传奇 Gonna Make It

2014   Zero Calling (Ch5 series)

       Mata Mata 2 (Ch5 series)


2015   初一的心愿 Life Is Beautiful

       Zero Calling 2

       起飞 Crescendo

2016   来自水星的男人 The Gentlemen

2017     小人物向前冲 Life Less Ordinary (150集长剧 150-ep long form drama)

            第一主角 The Lead

 2018     寂寞鱼。听见 A Lonely Fish

            西瓜甜不甜 Say Cheese


2019     好世谋 How are You? (方言福建剧 Hokkien dialect drama)

            心点心 Heart to Heart

            料理人生 Magic Chef (Toggle online网剧)

            游乐场 Playground (Toggle online 网剧)

            阴错阳差 - 时辰到“Hello from the other    side - It's Time” (Toggle online 网剧)

            警徽天职5 C.L.I.F. 5



2008 - Makan Kakis Go Malaysia 食足大马

2002 - Mission Malaysia 非常任务

1994 - 出去走走


 红星大奖’19 最佳女配角提名(西瓜甜不甜) Nomination for Best Supporting Actress Award (Say Cheese), Star Awards‘19

亚洲影艺创意大奖》’19 最佳女配角提名 (西瓜甜不甜) Nomination for Best Supporting Actress Award (Say Cheese), Asian Academy Creative Awards. ‘19

2013   Nomination for Best Actress Award (Show Hand), Star Awards’13 

2012   Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards ’12

2011   Nomination for Best Supporting Actress Award (The Best Things In Life), Star Awards‘11

2007   25 Star Awards-25th Drama Anniversary Show - Nomination for My Favourite Actress (telepoll)  
            红星大奖之戏剧情牵 - 最喜爱的女演员提名 (观众投选)  

1999   Best Actress Award (Stepping Out), Star Awards ‘99
           红星大奖’99 最佳女主角(出路)

           Nomination for Best Actress (Stepping Out), Asian Television Awards 99
           亚洲电视大奖99 最佳女主角提名(出路)

1997   Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Star Awards 97

Musical 舞台剧

1997 - Men At Forty-Eight男人48