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Fang Rong

May 30
English, Mandarin
Acting, Dancing, Ballet, Singing, Guitar, Modelling

Fang Rong has been modelling and in commercials since 4 years old and was introduced to the acting industry at a tender age of 7. She has fallen in love with passion for acting ever since.

To Fang Rong, both filming and performing arts have impacted her life in ways she could ever imagined and experienced and acting will always be a huge part of her life.

In her spare time, Fang Rong loves to dance, sing and play the guitar. Through performing, Fang Rong is able to express herself freely and share her ideas with the world.

Fang Rong was involved in Channel 5’s English drama productions Faculty, Fine Tune, The Hush as well as Channel 8’s Chinese drama production, You Can Be An Angel 2 and The Lead. She was also in Dick Lee’s first movie Wonder Boy and acted as one of his love interest.



2017    Wonderboy 音为爱

2010    Paper Boxes (Short film by Melinda Tan)

2009    Where Got Ghost?  吓到笑

2008    Money No Enough 2  钱不够用 2

2006    Love Under the Sign of the Dragon (German Movie)

            Ah Ma (Short film by Anthony Chen)

2004    One Last Dance (Hong Kong Movie)

2019    ​​​​​​​我的左邻右里 Dear Neighbours 

            Fried Rice Paradise 

            I'm Madam 

2018   不平凡的平凡 Reach for the Skies

           Dance With Me

2017    亲爱的九月 Dear DJ

            爱不迟疑 My Teacher is a Thug 


            第一主角 The Lead

2016    Fine Tune

            The Hush

            Ponteng School

2014    118

            流氓律师 Second Chance

2013    小子当家 I’m In Charge

            我们一定行 Yes We Can!

2012    In Cold Blood


2011    跳浪 It Takes Two

2010   The Pupil 2

2009   The Pupil

           书包太重 My School Daze

2008   Sense of Home

            一切完美 Perfect Cut Season 1

           Schoolhouse Rockz 2

2007   Parental Guidance 2

            爱。特别的你 The Greatest Love of All

            Schoolhouse Rockz 

2006    Parental Guidance

            Skin Deep

            Maggi & Me

            贝贝的零用钱 Money Meg

            Magic Garden

2005    My Sassy Neighbor

            Shooting Star

2004    Coming Home

            One Day She Became An Angel

2019  Best Rising Star, Busan Film Festival Award 釜山国际影节 芳榕获颁 “最具潜力新人奖

2007     Nominated for Star Awards 2007 Young Talent Award, The Greatest Love of All 提名红 星大奖2007 青苹果奖,爱。特别的你