Kiki Lim 林昭婷(2021_1)

Kiki Lim

March 28
Chinese, English
Singing, Playing Guitar/Ukelele, Dancing (KPOP, Latin, Indian dance)

Kiki Lim, a 19-year old gal who loves singing, dancing (K Pop, Hip Hop) & acting, aims to be an all-rounder artiste!

Since young, she has participated in numerous talent contests, dancing competitions, dramas, commercials and has a wealth of theatre experience. At the age of 7, she was one of the dancers at Hong Kong Heavenly King Aaron Kwok's concert in Singapore. 

In 2018, she took part in a large-scale talent competitions in China and the next year, she decided to join Star Search and was one of the Top 12 finalists.  

Her recent works include an English drama "All That Jess" and Chinese drama serial "Live Your Dreams". 

Look out for this budding young talent!



2021             大大的梦想 Live Your Dreams  
                    All That Jess (MeWatch) 

2020              森林生存记 A Jungle Survivor
                      U 频道新登场2 - 黑凡小姐 (Channel U - Fresh take 2 Miss. Haven’t)
                      回路网 All Around You

2019              佩佩  (Fresh take 新登场 Channel U)  Pei Pei Fresh Takes – Female Lead
                     Last Madame (MeWatch)
                     Lion Mums Spin-Off - Tribes

2018              Channel 5 -Lion Mums 3 

2016-2017     Channel 5 - Tanglin 

2014              A&E (SURIA  Drama)
                      Wizard of Honey Street (OKTO  Drama)

2013              芝麻小侦探 (Ch8 Kid Drama)
                       A Boy Awakening  


2011  Catch of the Day (Ch5)



2016  LTA Short Film Journey

2019   才华横溢出新秀 2019 (12强) Star Search 2019 (Top 12 Finalist) 

2017   Icon Search 2018 华谊兄弟时尚比赛-新加坡站- 第5名- 深圳总决赛获得签约资格
The New Paper - New Face Top 20 


2011 -  KFC Breakfast commercial 

2014 -  NICKELODEON Anti Bullying Commercial

2018 - CATHAY CINEPLEX Cinema Commercial