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Kimberly Wang

January 26
English, Mandarin
Hosting, Acting, Dancing, Writing, Photography, Calligraphy, Rock Climbing, Voice Over

Kimberly started as a theatre actress and performer since she was just 4 years old. For the next 10 years, she continued to be heavily immersed in the theatre scene, while moving into television hosting and acting in the meantime. When she was 9, she made her first break into the mainstream media as one of the hosts of a popular children's variety show Inkids. Following which, she moved into acting in dramas for primetime shows such as Double Happiness 1 and 2. Kim was in and out of the scene for a few years due to her educational commitments, but hosted many events and shows along the way before she finally made her break back into the media winning the Champion title at Singapore's Number 1 hit music station, 987's Radio Star competition in 2011.

Since, she has be propelled into the spotlight as a radio personality. But her love for acting remains, and scored a lead role for an upcoming comedy sitcom, Rojak.

Out of her job, Kimberly lives in her own humble world and takes joy in crafts such as writing, photography and calligraphy. She's incredible at awkward dancing, basic ballet and rock climbing. 



2015 - The National Science Challenge 28th SEA Games, Sports Presenter

2014 - Today At The Games: Commonwealth Games S. LEAGUE, Sports Presenter

2010 - Youth Olympic Games


2015 - Toggle Rebranding roadshows, dual language
Samsung Gear S2 launch
YDM Global Festival

2009 and 2010 - Event Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon
1965 Movie Gala Premiere and Red Carpet
NUSSU Rag and Flag Day
Countdown Show: The Great World 

2011 - Champion, 987's Radio Star competition