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Nico Weibin

August 16
Mandarin, English, Hokkien
Hosting, Singing, Acting, Composing

Weibin is undisputedly the most à la mode female DJ in YES 933, endowed with a distinctive melodious voice. She was talent scouted to be a Radio DJ during a hosting performance. And the rest they say - is history!

Weibin is highly sought after by renowned record labels’ demo performances & advertising voice-overs. Musically inclined, she also penned numerous songs for popular singers such as Jacky Cheung and Rene Liu. In 2012, Weibin was invited as a co-singer in Prof Liang Wen Fu’s anniversary tour concert. She also performed in the opening act for 17th Singapore Hit Awards. In addition, she was chosen to croon for MediaCorp Chinese New Year albums, as well the theme song for drama serials. Wei Bin is currently performing at a live music café as a celebrity DJ singer.

Equipped with an acute sense of style & chic, Wei Bin also fronts the programme House of Style 《好时尚》 offering the latest news on fashion, lifestyle and beauty trends and tips to listeners on radio.

Weibin’s witty and humorous hosting style has made her a darling amongst many adoring fans, as well as discerning clients, who are pleased with her positive, unambiguous and stylish image!


Film 电影

2010 - It’s a great great world大世界


2015 - 阿曼航空"中文频道流行歌曲"主持人
SPOTIFY 音乐网络广告指定声音
Karen Mok 莫文蔚, Si Won 崔始源, Ella , 毕书尽,陈炯江 Desmond Tan Press Conference and Autograph event hosting

2010 to 2015 - 新航"中文频道流行歌曲"主持人

2008 to 2015 - Singapore Hit Awards / 全球榜 Host

2009 - 中华航空"中文频道流行歌曲"主持人


2015 - 新传媒三大中文台 最后一季 “最佳创意DJ”

2007 - 新加坡金唛奖"最创意DJ"
OMY 广播大赏 ,与周崇庆获得 "最佳广播搭档" - 第3名

2006 - 新加坡金唛奖"Carlsberg亲切DJ"
星期五周报最受欢迎DJ奖 - 第3名

2004 - 金唛奖"最创意DJ"


2015 - Yes933 TV Adertisement

2014 - SKII Instagram Advertisement