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Ayden Sng

Mandarin, English
Erhu, acting, orchestral conducting, modelling

Ayden is a bilingual and musically-gifted talent graduated from Duke Univerity (Durham, NC, USA) and Raffles Institution - he can play the violin, piano and his achievements as an Er Hu musician was impressive! Ayden was previously a member of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra and had experience of being a conductor. 

A fresh face in TV, Ayden shines as a lead role in Bryan Wong's Channel U short film The Playbook, where he plays a Thai nightclub bartender who romances a cancer-stricken Sheila Sim. 

The 26-year-old would be the next big star to look out for in Singapore's entertainment industry!


Drama 电视剧

2020       Loving You 爱 没有距离

2019       The Wedding Survival Handbook (Toggle)
               The Play Book 爱 本
               Wonder Kiss 神 奇之 吻
               Old Is Gold   老友万 岁

2018      Walk with Me   谢谢 你出 现 在我行程里

Movie 电影

2019     The FateKeeper  寻龙少年