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Ben Yeo

September 22
Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Hokkien
Hosting, Acting, Singing, Guitar, Cooking

Ben Yeo was a model before being talent scouted by SNAP, a popular Channel U reality show that was searching for young people with idol good looks. He emerged winner with his unique Japanese looking charms.

Despite the lack of formal training in hosting, his natural and approachable demeanour in popular variety programmes such as $2 Wonderfood!, King Of Thrift and Footprints in Malaysia won over audiences both young and old. SHATEC -trained Ben is also a good cook, making him a popular choice for food-themed shows such as I Cook For You.

Ben is also a talented actor. He was spotted by a TVB producer after a chance meeting and was immediately cast in a TVB drama Food For Life- Yummy Yummy as one of the male leads, acting alongside popular Hong Kong artistes Kevin Cheng Kar Wing, Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, and Tavia Yeung Yi. 

A doting father to his young son, Ben divides his time between family, his TV work and his fashion business. In his free time, Ben likes strumming on his guitar. He enjoys music and occasionally performs as a guest of local band group Chou Pi Jiang. 

Ben started to work on his first book in 2013 on cooking for kids from his own experience and received very good response. Following the success of his first cookbook, Ben has also published a second cookbook ‘Healthy Meals For Kids’ in 2017, which is packed with nutritious recipes for children.

A popular choice for hosting and acting roles, Ben has carved a wholesome image of a young father who cooks for his kids. 


TV Series 电视剧

2019     Hello from the other side 阴错阳差​​​​​​​

2018     Babies on board 新生

2017     Mind Matters 心。情

             Die Die also must serve 战备好兄弟

2016     Peace and Prosperity 富贵平安 

2015     Hand in Hand 手牵手
             Life Fear Not 人生无所畏

2014     In the Name of Love  最爱是你 
             Love at Risk  爱情风险

2013     C.L.I.F 2 警徽天职 2
             Marry Me 我要嫁给你 

2012     Don’t Stop Believin’ 我们等你
             Poetic Justice 微笑正义    
             It Take Two 对对碰

2011     995 Rescue 995

2010    Carlsberg Telemovie Showcase  皇帽瑞狮喜迎虎电视电影系列 

2009     The Will 一切从遗嘱开始 

2008     Love Blossoms I 心花朵朵开I  

             My grandma, the Ah Go Go Princess 穿越阿哥哥 

2007     Happily Ever After 凡间新仙人

2006     Measure of Man 大男人.小男人
             The Peak 最高点

2005    Yummy Yummy  终极美食大挑战   

            Food for Life - Yummy Yummy
            Oh Mother 哎哟我的妈

2004    Be Somebody 海军 
            Perfect Woman 完美女人
            Zero 零楼

2003   Tastefully Yours 味之道 
           Tonight I Will Tell II 人生导火线II-信用无价

2002   Tonight I Will Tell I 人生导火线I-情杀


2011 - It’s A Great Great World 大世界


2020   好货驾到 Deal for Joy

2019   大家一起来做饭 I Can Cook Too!

           全民出来走走 SG Explorer 

           欢喜没烦恼 Happy-Go-Lucky

           新语研究所2 Sing Language Institute 2 

 2018   大声说出我爱你之妈妈的礼物 II A Gift for mom II

           脑力大考验Train Your Brain

           新语研究所 Sing Language Institute

2017   小农夫2 Fresh Farmers 2

           Little Life Hacks

          大声说出我爱你之妈妈的礼物 A Gift for mom

          一人行暖人心Going Miles Spreading Smiles

          说走就走短假期Take a Break

          非常监狱 Extra Ordinary Prison

2016   Lion Charity Show 2016 (Rap and dance item) 情牵白首爱不息
           Touch Screen Cuisine 弹指间的料理 
           Lunar New Year Shoppers Guide 购物情报站
           MY OH MY 大马玩全攻略 
           Little Life Hacks 

2015 - Lunar New Year Shoppers Guide 购物情报站
           Fresh Farmers 小农夫
           Hey Gorgeous 2015

2014 - Mat Yoyo 3 优优猫 3
           Meet My Family 2 人气满屋2
           Kids In Charge 小瓜当家
           Star Awards 20 – Post Party 红星大奖20庆功宴
           Finding 8 先锋争8战
           Parents’ Guide 亲子情报站
           Where to stay
           Meet my family 3
           We are from 2065 我们来自2065
           Celebrity Bazaar 新货我来卖

2013 - Bentolicious (Toggle)
           Laughing out loud 笑笑没烦恼
           Hey Gorgeous 校园美魔王
           Style: Check In 2   潮人攻略2 
           Finding U 寻U先锋
           Meet My Family 人气满屋

2012 - Quaint! 小镇风情
           Style: Check In 潮人攻略 
           Mat Yoyo 2 优优猫 2

2011 - I Cook For You 名厨上菜
           Footprints In Asia 大脚印II

2010 - Go YOG! 艺起青奥
           Hair Challenge V 护发动员101 V
           Footprints In Malaysia 大脚印
           LNY Eve Special 普天同庆金虎年
           Fashion Ambush 全民时尚你最型
           Guardian Queenz Guardian玩美女人
           Wedding 101 花月佳期
           Home Makeover 玩家万岁
           The News Trumpet 大小喇叭看时事
           I Am Boss 创业我最行


​​​​​​​2017   红星大奖2017十大最受欢迎男艺人 Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes Star Awards 2017

2012   Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes,Star Awards

2001   SNAP J-Pop Champion

Theatre 舞台剧

2009 - The Perankan Ball 娘惹之恋

2019 - Infinite Island 华乐戏剧:通天大埠


2013 - Cooking for Kids 这样煮宝宝才爱吃

2017 - Healthy meals for kids 这样煮孩子才爱吃