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Edwin Goh

July 25
Mandarin, English
Acting, Dancing

Edwin was discovered by a local producer and played the role of a thrill-seeking teen in Channel 5’s local drama “Fighting Spiders” in 2009. The success of the series and the fact that he is effectively bilingual scored him his first silver screen role in a local Chinese movie “Love Cuts” in 2010, playing a quiet and withdrawn youth. 

With boyish good looks and superb acting skills, Edwin was further cast as one of the main leads in Channel 8’s 2011 blockbuster drama “On the Fringe” playing an estranged rebellious teenage and became an overnight stardom.

Edwin headlined the movie “Imperfect” where he did a stellar job of portraying a troubled teenager embroiled in a gang feud in 2012. He was also awarded with the Breakout Star of the Year title at the Elle Awards 2012.

In 2013, Edwin was nominated in the Best Newcomer category at the Star Awards and in 2014 he made it to the Top 20 Most Popular Male Artistes list. Edwin also hosted a children programme “We Are Awesome’, which was nominated for Best Children’s programme for Asia TV Awards 2015.

In 2015, Edwin graduated from a 3-year course with LaSalle College of the Arts. A year later, he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in Star Awards 2016 for his outstanding performance in the “Dream Makers 2”. After completing 2 years of national service, Edwin is now back to acting. His recent dramas include “A Million Dollar Dream” and “Fifty & Fabulous” and "Old is Gold". 



2015 - 3688

2013 - Judgement Day 世界末日

2012 - Imperfect 我们都不完美

2010 - Love Cuts 割爱


2014 - We Are Awesome (okto channel)


2016   Nominee for Star Awards ’16 Best Supporting Actor (The Dream Makers 2) 

           入围 《红星大奖’16》 最佳男配角 (志在四方II)

2014   Star Awards 20 Anniversary Top 20 Most Popular Male Artistes

           《红星大奖 20》 二十大最受欢迎男艺人

2013   Nominee for Star Awards ‘13 Best Newcomer (Don’t Stop Believin’)

           入围 《红星大奖’13》 最佳新人(我们等你)

2012  Winner of Elle Awards ’12 Breakout Star of the Year 最俱潜力新人奖

2011   Winner of 红苹果 in Ch8 Facebook Poll

Album 唱片

2012 - MediaCorp LNY Compilation Album 2012《群星贺岁金龙接财神》合辑