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Jarrell Huang

October 14
Mandarin, English
Singing, Acting, Dancing, Songwriting, Song Arrangment, Piano

Jarrell Huang is a fun-loving and outgoing singer who loves to bring joy to his audience. Using his charisma and voice, he hopes to touch people’s hearts. 

He has aspired to be an artiste since young and has made a few achievements including coming in top nine in a Taiwan singing competition, “Million Star” in 2011, appearing on a China singing show, “Sound of My Dream 2“ in 2017 and releasing his EP album “Little Prince’s Adventure” when he was 14 years old.

In 2018, Jarrell took part in Mediacorp’s “SPOP SING!” competition. He won the hearts of the audience and came in champion. 

During the covid 19 period, passionate singer-songwriter, Jarrell worked together with JJ Neo to compose an original single - "The Light". Recognized nation wide by Singaporeans, the song has also been covered by local bands and orchestra. Singapore's Prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong has also shared the song on his social media platforms.

Jarrell is currently in China, contesting in a Youku Talent Show -  "We Are Young". He has emerged as top 84 out of thousands of contestants. Hope he continues to strive and excel in his upcoming performances.



2019  一切从昏睡开始 While You Were Away 

           都市狂想 A World of Difference 

2009  当我们同在一起 Together

2008  绝对佳人 La Femme


2014  《小王子的冒险》EP


2019  我的万里挑一 主题曲- 就是你就是你 

2019 全民出来走走(嘉宾主持) SG Explorers (Guest Host) 

2020    China Youku "We Are Young" Top 84 中国优酷《少年之名》 84强 (in progress)

2018    SPOP SING! Winner

          《SPOP 听我唱》 冠军

2011   Million Star, Top 9

         《华人星光大道》 第一届,第九名

2007   The Sheng Siong Show singing competition, Runner Up

          《缤纷万千在晟菘》 童声献艺争霸赛,第二名