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Shane Pow

October 04
English, Mandarin
Acting, Hosting, Singing, Basketball

Shane Pow was talent-spotted at Singapore Manhunt finals in 2011.  After a year in the industry, his acting career took a turn when he snagged major roles in the drama “It Takes Two” and sitcom “Recruit Diaries”. 

In 2014, this young hunk bagged one of the 3 lead roles in “Served H.O.T.”, a comedy about three ex-convicts in search of a secret laksa recipe.  The same year, he was also appointed the Singapore ambassador for a well know international skin care brand.

Shane’s talent extends beyond acting and his versatility as a host has seen him co-hosting several variety shows including “Style Check-in”, “Cheap & Good” and “Project Superstar 2014”.  His good looks with a sporty persona are factors that make him versatile for the entertainment scene. 

Being an avid sportsman, Shane enjoys all kinds of sports. He was also part of the National Youth Basketball team, representing Singapore in numerous competitions locally and regionally.

In 2018, he won credits for his role in highly acclaimed drama, “When Duty Calls” when he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the same year Star Awards. He is indeed the next generation leading man to look out for in our local entertainment industry.

In 2019, Shane started on his creative path and directed and wrote his first film, Remember Us This Way. We have a future director in the making. 




2015  Love Is Love



2016    爱在小红点

2015    石头剪刀布 Ms J Contemplates Her Choice



2020     花花公子 Mister Flower 

              男神不败 Super Dad

              14天的同居人 14 Days (mini series)

              回路网 All Around You


2019      警徽天职之海岸卫队 C.L.I.F 5 

              In The Wind

              带你去走走 Jalan Jalan

              加文纳桥的约定 Love At Cavenagh Bridge


2018      下个路口遇见你 The Distance Between

               Dance With Me

               战备好兄弟 Die Die Also Must Serve

               心. 情 Mind Matters


2017      卫国先锋 When Duty Calls



2016      勾魂使者 Soul Reaper

              小咖大作战 I Want To Be A Star

              钱来运转 House Of Fortune         

              爱要怎么说 Beyond Words 

              富贵平安  Peace And Prosperity                


2015      信约: 我们的家园 The Journey: Our Homeland     

              一家都不能少 Families on the Edge


2014      烧。卖 Served H.O.T   
              三个愿望 Three Wishes   


2013      警徽天职2 C.L.I.F 2          

              阿兵新传 The Recruit Diaries       

              爱情风险 Love At Risk     

              揭密 Disclosed


2012      我们等你 Don’t Stop Belivin'         

              微笑正义 Poetic Justice   

              对对碰 It Takes Two


2016     农历新年消费情报站 Shopper’s Guide 

             新春齐聚贺岁乐 Happy New Year To U


2015     大厨你在家吗?! Hey Chef! Are you at home? 

             世界我最大 Super Jumbo (travelogue)

             不一样的学校 Unusual Schools (travelogue)


2014     便宜有好货 Cheap & Good 

             潮人攻略 Style Check-In 

             绝对 Superstar 3 Project Superstar 3

2018  "Best Supporting Actor" nomination, Star Awards  红星大奖最佳男配角提名


2015   Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste, Star Awards  红星大奖十大最受欢迎男艺人


2013   Nominated for Best New Comer, Star Awards 红星大奖最佳新人提名


2011   Singapore Manhunt 2011 Top 10  



2019   到此一游 Remember Us This Way



2017   起飞 Crescendo (first male lead)