Fadli Kamsani

English, Malay
Hosting, Acting, Voice Over

Fadli Kamsani is a TV host and actor as well as a producer-presenter of Warna 942. The young and versatile personality is actively involved in the Malay Arts scene, mainly in Malay dance, silat and kompang. His journey in the entertainment industry began after winning third place in Mediacorp Suria’s reality competition, Anugerah Skrin in 2016. Shortly after his win, he acted in his first drama, 11 Oktober and hosted his first travelogue show, Jasa Aktivis, that followed the journey of eight social activists across Asia carrying out inspiring activities to make the world a better place. Jasa Aktivis was awarded Silver World Medal in the Human Concerns Category in the 2019 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards.


  • 11 Oktober (Drama)
  • Bingit 4 (Drama)
  • Dara Zara (Drama)
  • Kisah Tok Kadi 2 (Drama)
  • Gunting The Series (Drama)
  • Kek Untuk Kapten (Drama)
  • Hak Siapa (Info-ed Drama)
  • Mekah Di Hati (Telemovie)

TV Hosting

  • Info-Ed Host: Misi Wira Bahasa on Mediacorp Suria
  • Travelogue Host: Jasa Aktivis on Mediacorp Suria 
  • Host: Juara Mic Junior on Mediacorp Suria 
  • Info-Ed Host: Manja 3 on Mediacorp Suria 
  • Info-Ed Host: Manja 4 on Mediacorp Suria 
  • Host: Rapsodi on Medicorp Suria (2018)
  • Host: Sinaran Hati on Mediacorp Suria (2019)

Event Hosting

  • Host: TBP (The Batik People) Edition @ Aliwal Arts Centre
  • Host: Wisma Geylang Serai Health Fiesta (2019)
  • Host: Bulan Bahasa 2019 – Tampines West CC (Host)
  • Host: Suara Wisma Geylang Serai (2020)

  • Nominated for Best Host (Info-ed) for Pesta Perdana 2019

Malay Arts Scene


  • Pesta Raya 2016, 2017 (Dancer)
  • Emblazon 2016, 2017 (Dancer)
  • Rentak Budaya 2017 (Dancer)
  • Bulan Bahasa Event Launch 2019 (Performer)
  • Pesta Raya 2020 (Dancer) 


  • Member of Silat group, Aliran Bebas
  • Former NYP Silat trainer, 2015-2017
  • Tertiary Silat Championship; Artistic Team Category, Gold Medal (2012, 2013, 2014)


  • Member of kompang group, Wira Satria (Current)
  • Champion: Piala Alunan Rentak Rebana 2018