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Mediacorp and Huanyu Entertainment join forces to foster global opportunities for talents

Under this partnership, Mediacorp artistes Ayden Sng 孙政, Hong Ling 洪凌 and Chantalle Ng 黄暄婷 will be represented by Huanyu as they explore opportunities in China; while TCA, in its first venture into representing overseas artistes, will represent popular Chinese artistes Wu Jinyan 吴谨言 and Xu Kai 许凯 for opportunities in Singapore and Malaysia.

Singapore, 4 September 2023 – Mediacorp’s artiste management arm, The Celebrity Agency (TCA), has partnered China’s Huanyu Entertainment 欢娱影视 (Huanyu) to foster global opportunities for their respective talents. Inked in August, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will see selected Mediacorp artistes represented by Huanyu in China, and Huanyu’s artistes represented by TCA in Singapore and Malaysia.

Under this partnership, Mediacorp artistes are set to make further strides on the global stage by exploring opportunities in China, across casting and commercial projects. Identified by Huanyu for their charisma and versatility, these artistes include Ayden Sng 孙政, Hong Ling 洪凌, and Chantalle Ng 黄暄婷, with the possibility of more talents joining them in the near future.

Meanwhile, TCA will be expanding its roster by representing popular Huanyu artistes Wu Jinyan 吴谨言and Xu Kai 许凯 for opportunities in Singapore and Malaysia. Having captivated viewers as an onscreen couple in hit 2018 Chinese period drama Story of Yanxi Palace 延禧攻略 – the most Googled show globally in the same year1 – and again in 2022 historical drama Royal Feast 尚食, their additions underscore TCA’s continued efforts to enrich the local entertainment ecosystem with an expanded family of international talent. Please refer to Annex A for the artistes’ profiles.

Doreen Neo, Chief Talent Officer, Mediacorp said: “We are thrilled to join forces with Huanyu, a Chinese powerhouse that shares our vision of propelling artistes to the global stage. This partnership is twofold: not only does it amplify our ongoing efforts to provide local talent with international opportunities, it also marks TCA’s first venture into representing overseas artistes, paving the way for more cross-border collaborations. A world of exciting possibilities awaits for our artistes, our audiences, and the broader entertainment landscape.”

Yang Le, CEO and co-founder of Huanyu Entertainment said: “Huanyu has long set its sights on global expansion, as evidenced in our longstanding relationship with Mediacorp, Singapore’s national media network. This landmark partnership not only deepens our collaboration to unlock new opportunities for our artistes on the global stage, but also marks Huanyu’s debut in representing Singaporean talent in in China, opening an exciting new chapter for us. We are optimistic about the vast potential of this collaboration, and are excited to witness what lies ahead.”

Founded in 2012, Huanyu is a leading entertainment company that boasts a roster of over 1,000 award-winning screenwriters, directors, producers and actors under its artiste management arm. With additional divisions in script development, television and film production, as well as domestic and global distribution, Huanyu’s productions have reached over a billion viewers globally.


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1 Searches measured from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018. Source: Google Trends, Year in Search 2018. Data downloaded on 10 July 2023.

About Mediacorp

Mediacorp is Singapore’s national media network and largest content creator. Its purpose is to create engaging and trusted content, as well as to connect communities and inspire people. Mediacorp engages over three million people in Singapore daily across four languages on its digital platforms including mewatch, melisten and, six TV channels and 11 radio stations. Beyond Singapore, Mediacorp also has a growing international audience through CNA and content distributed across markets.

With a focus on nurturing talent and growing the sector, the company is committed to investing in nation-wide initiatives like Star Search, Anugerah, Yaar Antha Star and SPOP, commissioning a wide variety of work from local content creators, and collaborating with institutes of higher learning. As Singapore’s first local Multi-Channel Network in partnership with YouTube, Mediacorp is also committed to developing a network of digital content creators.

For advertisers, Mediacorp has partnered industry-leading brands like ESPN, Mothership, theAsianparent, VICE, YouTube and to form the Mediacorp Digital Network in offering more effective content-driven solutions.

Mediacorp is the recipient of industry accolades including New York Festivals, World Media Festivals, PromaxBDA (World and Asia) and Asian Academy Creative Awards.

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Annex A - Profiles of Chinese Artistes

Wu Jinyan

Born in 1990, Wu Jinyan is a Chinese actress.

Jinyan rose to prominence for her role as Wei Yingluo in Chinese period drama Story of Yanxi Palace, which was released in 89 countries and territories globally in 2018. The role propelled her career to new heights, and earned her multiple “Best Actress” accolades at award ceremonies such as the 24th Huading Awards, 6th Hengdian Film & TV Festival of China: Wenrong Awards Ceremony, 5th The Actors of China Award Ceremony and more.

Beyond acting in film and television, Jinyan’s relentless quest to broaden her horizons also led her into other fields. In 2022, she ventured into the world of theatre with stage play Literature and Art in the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, vividly embodying the role of veteran actress Zhang Ruifang. The same year, she participated in Chinese reality competition Sisters Who Make Waves Season Three, and won the hearts of audiences with her vivacious personality and exceptional talents.




Xu Kai

Born in Guangdong Province in 1995, Xu Kai is a young Chinese actor who has been a Huanyu artiste since 2016.

Xu Kai gained widespread popularity for his moving performance as Fucha Fuheng in the renowned Chinese period drama Story of Yanxi Palace, which was released in 89 countries and territories globally in 2018. Beyond his acting talents, Xu Kai is also a recognised fashion icon. As the brand ambassador for luxury houses such as Bvlgari, Fendi and Guerlain, Xu Kai has graced the covers of leading magazines such as Esquire, GRAZIA and Harper’s Bazaar Men.

Xu Kai is also deeply committed to giving back to society. In using his influence to become drive positive change, Xu Kai became the official ambassador of the China Green Foundation in 2019.

Xu Kai’s evolving body of work speaks to his artistic growth, and has garnered a growing list of accolades such as “Best Actor” at the 6th Hengdian Film & TV Festival of China: Wenrong Awards Ceremony and “Best Actor (China)” at the StarHub Night of Stars 2019.  With his commitment to his craft, Xu Kai is dedicated to pursuing breakthroughs and delivering performances of the highest quality to delight global audiences.