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Mediacorp and Mintable mint partnership to offer first-ever NFT marketing solutions in Singapore

The tie-up paves the way for advertisers to build stronger engagement and brand loyalty amongst today’s digital-first audiences in an increasingly congested online space.

Singapore’s national media network Mediacorp has teamed up with leading Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace Mintable to offer NFTs for the first time to advertisers as part of their marketing campaigns. Bringing together Mediacorp’s unrivalled omnichannel reach and Mintable’s deep expertise in NFTs, the tie-up paves the way for advertisers to build stronger engagement and brand loyalty amongst today’s digital-first audiences in an increasingly congested online space.

With this partnership, Mediacorp will drive the development and publicity of clients’ NFT campaigns, backed by Mintable’s safe and secure blockchain-run solutions. Specifically:

  • Mediacorp, with professional inputs from Mintable, will work with clients to draw up end-to-end NFT campaign strategies customised to meet their business needs;
  • Clients can work with Mediacorp to design NFTs – such as images, videos and GIFs – from scratch, or have their existing content and media assets repurposed into NFTs;
  • Mintable will manage the hosting of these NFTs on its platform for Mediacorp’s clients, as well as develop custodial wallets and customised smart contracts for them; and
  • Mediacorp will leverage its omnichannel reach, boosted by the star power of its celebrities and content creators from social network Bloomr.SG, to promote clients’ products and NFT offerings.

Such campaigns open up new possibilities in enabling brands to creatively reach out to new audiences and potential customers in the virtual world. Through NFTs, consumers effectively get to own a piece of a brand, which in turn helps to create more unique experiences for consumers while forging stronger brand value and loyalty.

Parminder Singh, Chief Commercial and Digital Officer, Mediacorp, said, “We are excited to partner Mintable to further expand our suite of transmedia advertising solutions by incorporating NFTs as a next-generation marketing tool. This move signals Mediacorp’s continuous effort to explore new digital technologies and harness the immense potential that these may hold for our industry. With our wide multiplatform reach and core strengths in storytelling, we are confident that Mediacorp’s NFT-driven campaigns will give our clients a decisive leg up in engaging their desired target audiences and growing their businesses.”

“The evolution of the digital landscape and the transition into Web 3.0 has proven that modern audiences are driven by authenticity and engagement. Mediacorp understands this, and their partnership with Mintable demonstrates their commitment to providing value to this emerging generation of audiences,” said Zach Burks, founder and CEO of Mintable. “Through our NFT services for enterprises, we make it easy for brands to create fun and meaningful digital experiences, thus offering greater value to a more engaged digital audience.”

This collaboration with Mintable builds on Mediacorp’s earlier efforts to offer the most comprehensive and value-added advertising solutions available to marketers in recent years, such as: the development of self-service advertising platform Mediacorp AdDirect; the offer of brand uplift studies to help advertisers gain deeper insights into their digital campaigns; and the launch of one-stop social media marketing solution Mediacorp SocialHub.

For more information on the NFTs jointly offered by Mediacorp with Mintable, please visit