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Mediacorp and Moonbug Entertainment team up to bring hit children’s programmes to mewatch and okto on 5 in Singapore

As part of the deal, close to 80 hours of children's programming will be lined up on Mediacorp's digital video platform mewatch and free-to-air TV channel okto on 5.

Singapore, 8 May 2023 – Young audiences will be over the moon to know that from today, a colourful catalogue of children’s programmes, such as the wildly popular Emmy-nominated animation series Oddbods, and many more, will be available on Mediacorp’s digital platform mewatch and free-to-air TV channel okto on 5. As part of Mediacorp’s commitment to deliver engaging and educational children’s content, close to 80 hours of programmes have been lined up thanks to a collaboration between Singapore’s national media network and award-winning global entertainment company Moonbug Entertainment.

Viewers can look forward to five exciting titles, namely: the critically acclaimed Oddbods and its spin-off series Minibods – a new title collaboratively funded by Mediacorp and Moonbug; educational programme Blippi; fantasy and adventure animation Mia’s Magic Playground; as well as football-themed series Supa Strikas. All shows will be progressively released, while new episodes of Minibods will be released weekly on mewatch. 

Please refer to Annex A for programme synopses and scheduling details.

Lee Hung Sheng, Head of Audience & Partnerships, Mediacorp, said, “We are delighted to work with Moonbug Entertainment for the first time to bring popular children’s programmes to Mediacorp’s platforms. By teaming up with one of the leading entertainment companies in the world, we are able to continually expand and refresh our content offerings, as well as to provide more quality, wholesome kids’ content to our audiences. We hope our young viewers enjoy the exciting array of shows we have lined up!”

“We are very excited to bring our popular line-up of Moonbug shows to new audiences via our partnership with Singapore’s biggest media platform, Mediacorp,” said Kelly Cooke, Director Distribution APAC at Moonbug Entertainment. “This partnership is particularly significant for Moonbug as Mediacorp, a strong Singaporean brand with an impressive legacy of media creation and distribution, will be the Singaporean home for Minibods and Oddbods, two shows which originate from this country, but have global resonance.”    

To catch these titles from Moonbug Entertainment, and many more, visit

Annex A – programme synopses and scheduling details



Scheduling details


The award-winning animated series follows the comedic adventures of seven adorable characters – Fuse, Pogo, Newt, Slick, Bubbles, Jeff and Zee – each with their own distinct personality. This hilarious comedy follows the adventures of a group of very individual and quirky friends as they survive the perils of everyday life, where ordinary situations quickly spiral into extraordinary events. Oddbods teach us to discover the best version of ourselves. Everyone is unique - and that’s what makes us totally awesome.      


New episodes of Oddbods will stream on mewatch and simultaneously air on okto on 5 from 18 June onwards.



A spin-off of Oddbods, the show takes kids on a journey to the fantastical Land of Odd, home to the Minibods. Join six furry little friends as they get up to hilarious mayhem, turning everyday situations into unexpected, super silly events. Whatever life throws their way, the Minibods overcome hurdles the unconventional way, to better understand themselves and the world around them.


Minibods is now available on mewatch, with new episodes to be released weekly. The series will subsequently air on okto on 5 in July.



Blippi is a live action preschool programme that takes kids on a series of field trips where they explore kid-friendly and interactive destinations.  These curiosity adventures elevate play time into a learning experience by meeting new people, exploring new words and learning new facts all associated with the places they visit.


The latest season of Blippi is now available on mewatch and is simultaneously airing on okto on 5 daily.


Mia’s Magic Playground

Mia's Magic Playground is an imaginative adventure-show about Mia and her best friends, Oskar and Tilly who go on a magical journey through a colourful world of walking rainbows, ice cream bears, super strong beetroots and volcanoes made of jelly. Children are invited to join the loveable trio on their wild adventures as they explore this whimsical land together. Feeding the imaginations of kids across the globe, this playful series promotes themes of friendship, kindness, self-awareness and creative problem solving.


The latest season of Mia’s Magic Playground is now available on mewatch and is simultaneously airing on okto on 5 daily.


Supa Strikas

Packed with adventure, comedy and heart-stopping football action, Supa Strikas is a journey through the world of soccer like you have never seen before! From the snowy Himalayas to ancient Aztec ruins, beautiful Brazilian beaches to the dark reaches of Outer Space, Supa Strikas’ quest for Super League glory takes them everywhere and anywhere you can imagine. But standing in their way is a host of skillful, conniving and downright wacky opposition – from a mad scientist to sky-diving Alpine marines, Supa Strikas will have to pull out all the stops if they want to bring the trophy home!


Supa Strikas, which will be available in dual sound (English and Malay), will stream on mewatch and simultaneously air on okto on 5 from 22 May onwards.