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Mediacorp’s Clarification

Updated 12 May 2022

Mediacorp’s Clarification

Mediacorp would like to clarify that we are not a partner of the following websites:  


We have written to the first two websites ( and to ask them to remove references to a “partnership” with Mediacorp from their websites. These references are untrue, and were made without our permission or knowledge.

We have since been alerted to two other websites ( and also claiming to have a “partnership” with Mediacorp. These claims are also untrue.

Mediacorp has filed a police report on the matter, following numerous queries and complaints from the public in relation to the abovementioned websites.

We would like to remind the public that all job openings are posted on our corporate website. Mediacorp does not use any messaging platforms for recruitment purposes. If you see any unsolicited messages or posts on these channels claiming to be from Mediacorp, please do not respond, and exercise caution by only submitting your job applications via our Careers page:

Thank you.