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Popular Singaporean dramas and movie classics to debut on Amazon Prime Video

The deal will see four popular Mediacorp English dramas and two classic movie titles produced by Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, available on-demand to Amazon Prime Video’s customers in Malaysia and Singapore.


Singapore, 17 April 2023 – Subscribers of Amazon Prime Video can soon take their pick from a new catalogue of made-in-Singapore dramas and movies, thanks to a deal between the global video streaming service and Mediacorp, Singapore’s national media network. The deal will see four popular Mediacorp English dramas and two classic movie titles produced by Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, available on-demand to Amazon Prime Video’s customers in Malaysia and Singapore. This collaboration is in line with Mediacorp’s efforts to deliver unique Singapore perspectives and stories to the world through content distribution deals with global and regional partners.

From 20 April, subscribers will be kept on the edge of their seats with gripping titles such as psychological thriller Third Rail, mystery series Reunion, as well as nostalgic period dramas Titoudao and This Land is Mine. They can also brace themselves for laughs aplenty with the movie Dance Dance Dragon, while reliving yesteryear in bygone Singapore with It’s a Great Great World. These titles, and many more, underscore Mediacorp’s commitment as Singapore’s largest content creator to producing quality, compelling content that appeals to audiences of various tastes and preferences.

For synopses of the titles, please refer to Annex A.

Jesslyn Wong, Head of Content Distribution, Mediacorp, said, “We are delighted to collaborate with Amazon Prime Video for the first time to bring some of the most well-loved Mediacorp shows to its subscribers. Having our homegrown productions available on one of the world’s leading streaming services is testament to Mediacorp's strength at telling authentic local stories that resonate with audiences both at home and beyond. This collaboration is also part of Mediacorp's commitment to diversify and double up distribution efforts to expand the footprint of our productions so that more audiences can enjoy Singapore stories.”

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Annex A – programme synopses



Third Rail

Starring A-listers such as Rebecca Lim, Jason Godfrey and Nurul Aini, Third Rail is centred on a routine train ride which goes horribly wrong as ordinary Singaporeans find themselves in the middle of a hostage situation when sinister terrorists hijack and bomb a train they are in. Faced with impending death, the hostages are forced to reevaluate their lives and reconnect with their loved ones.


Mystery thriller Reunion recounts a 2004 camping trip to Palau Ubin which turns tragic for teenagers Leonard, Sami, Riza and Jasmine when their friend Chris mysteriously disappears without a trace. 15 years later, Chris returns just as mysteriously in a fog of amnesia. Soon, the secrets behind Chris' disappearance and return are unraveled – secrets that the five friends wish had remained dead and buried.


Titoudao chronicles the ups and downs of celebrated wayang star Oon Ah Chiam who had to climb her way up to stardom. In the midst of this, she finds herself in a love triangle with two eligible men. The 13-episode series has bagged multiple awards over the years, including a Silver for Best Production Design/Art Direction at the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards in 2021, and the Best Newcomer award for lead cast member Koe Yeet at the Asia Contents Awards 2021.

This Land is Mine

This Land is Mine is a historical series set in Singapore just after the Second World War. Although the war has ended, other battles continue to rage on as long-simmering tensions between the locals and the colonial powers boiled to the surface. The drama has picked up several accolades over the years, such as a ContentAsia Award for Best Drama Series/Telefilm Made For a Single Asian Market, and a Best Supporting Actress win for artiste Sora Ma in the Asia Contents Awards 2022.

Dance Dance Dragon

Dance Dance Dragon depicts the life of Ah Long, whose father is desperate to have a boy born in the Chinese zodiac year of the Dragon but is ultimately left disappointed. At the same time, Ah Long’s mother prays fervently to the gods in heaven for a grandchild. The gods eventually grow sick and tired of hearing her daily prayers for a grandchild and deliberate whether to grant her her wish.

It's a Great Great World

It’s a Great Great World tells the story of Ah Min, who visits her grandmother’s photo studio one day before it shuts for good. There, she discovers four old photographs. Intrigued by the people in the photos, Ah Min embarks on a journey to find out who they are. Her first stop is an old friend of her grandmother, Ah Meng, who reveals through four unforgettable stories that the people in the photos all worked and played at the legendary Great World Amusement Park once upon a time.