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Singapore’s finest street performers step into the spotlight in Mediacorp’s latest reality competition Battle Of The Buskers (游走的歌王)!

Mediacorp is on a quest to uncover the finest busking talent in Singapore with its latest reality competition, Battle Of The Buskers (游走的歌王)! Designed to spotlight the local busking culture and prowess of street performers, the competition underscores the company’s commitment to nurture local talents and aims to provide a platform for them to showcase their talents, fulfil their dreams and connect with the wider public.

Singapore, 13 July 2023 – Mediacorp is on a quest to uncover the finest busking talent in Singapore with its latest reality competition, Battle Of The Buskers (游走的歌王)! Designed to spotlight the local busking culture and prowess of street performers, the competition underscores the company’s commitment to nurture local talents and aims to provide a platform for them to showcase their talents, fulfil their dreams and connect with the wider public.

Hosted by Lee Teng (李腾), Jeff Goh and Karyn (诗敏), this unscripted reality show will feature showdown performances across Singapore as contestants take to the streets to showcase what they do best – live busking! Ranging in age from 10 to 64, the Top 16 include talented, music-loving individuals as well as unique groups made up of skilful performers, shortlisted after an intense search for the top local buskers.

Please refer to Annex A for the profiles of the hosts, and Annex B for the profiles of the Top 16 contestants.

Across four Sundays from 23 July, the Top 16 will split into groups to battle against one another at public locations, as they look to secure a spot among the Top 10 who will compete in the subsequent quarter-final rounds. In making for an interactive experience for fans and recognition of the unique significance of audience engagement in busking, results will be fully determined by public voting at these two stages. Contestants who make it through will subsequently face professional judging as they tackle thrilling themed challenges. Come 5 November, one proud winner will walk away with a cash prize of $10,000 at the Grand Final.

Please refer to Annex C for the live busking locations and voting details for the Top 16 contestants.

Sabanitha Shanmugasundram, Head of Commissioning & Community Engagement, Mediacorp said: “Battle Of The Buskers underscores Mediacorp’s commitment to spotlight and celebrate local talent as we bring exceptional buskers across Singapore into the limelight to connect with audiences across the Mediacorp network. We look forward to the remarkable performances they will deliver and invite Singaporeans to rally behind them on this thrilling journey!”

Battle Of The Buskers will be streamed live on mewatch and the Mediacorp Entertainment YouTube Channel, every Sunday between 23 July and 13 August and subsequently, every Saturday between 23 September and 14 October before the Grand Final on 5 November. Curated versions of the show will also be available on Channel 8, mewatch and the Mediacorp Entertainment YouTube Channel on Wednesdays and Thursdays following the respective livestreams between 27 September to 1 November.

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Annex AProfiles of Hosts

Profile 简介

Lee Teng 李腾

With over 16 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Lee Teng has endeared himself to become a household name in Asia as an award-winning, effectively bilingual host and personality. He excels in hosting a diverse range of variety shows, from studio to outdoor and live programs. Known for his remarkable versatility, quick wit, and captivating stage presence, Lee Teng has earned numerous nominations for the “Best Programme Host” at the Star Awards, winning the accolade twice. Additionally, he is consistently voted as one of the ‘Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes”, a testament to his enduring popularity.


Jeff Goh

Jeff Goh is a DJ with Mediacorp YES 933 and has gained widespread recognition for his hosting prowess on the immensely popular The Daka Show. He distinguishes himself and emerges as one of the well-remembered personalities in the entertainment scene. With his unique style of live hosting, radio presenting, and sound productions, Jeff stands out as a memorable personality. His exceptional talent and charisma have earned him the “Most Popular Radio Personality,” while also voted as “Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes” at the Star Awards 2023.

以讨喜的性格、独特的嗓音和幽默搞笑的主持风格,Jeff Goh在YES 933 深得听众的喜爱,主持的电台节目“大咖一起来”也人气高涨,深受欢迎。除了曾获得“最受欢迎电台DJ奖”, Jeff 也于《红星大奖2023》首度入围“10大最受欢迎男艺人”,并且成功摘奖。


A multi-talented individual who excels as a busker, event emcee, influencer, and LOVE 972 part-time DJ, Karyn is a natural performer who loves the stage. Her bubbly and chatty personality also makes her a crowd pleaser. In addition to her role as a LOVE 972 part-time DJ, she is also one of the hosts for mewatch live streaming programme “The Wonder Shop”. Karyn's versatility shines through not just in hosting, but also in her involvement in local movies and song compositions, demonstrating her as an all-rounded artiste.

诗敏以街头表演发迹,身兼电台广播员、直播主和网红。天生爱表演的她,个性活泼,加上具有亲和力的招牌笑容,是潜力十足的新晋主持人。目前是LOVE 972的兼职DJ,也是mewatch 直播网购节目《The Wonder Shop》的主持班底。诗敏多才多艺,不但尝试创作戏剧主题曲,也参与本地电影的演出,朝全方位发展。

Annex BProfiles of Top 16 Contestants


Contestants 参赛者


Afterworkers 下班族

Being multi-hyphenates, Joelyn Koh (31), Yeo Ying Hao (33) & Shaun Wong (41) hustle through various roles, juggling between work and passion. By day, they are holding full-time jobs, and by night, they transform into the busking group Afterworkers. In perfect harmony, they form an unbeatable trio.

过着充实的斜杠人生的许翔婷, 杨应豪 与翁磊 ,白天是上班族,晚上摇身成为街头歌手 --下班族。他们仨配合各自的生活节奏,成为最合拍的铁三角,如果工作是日常的定律,那音乐就是他们最长情的旋律。


Be Happy

“Be Happy” is both the name of the band and the life mottos of Steve Han (64) and Robin Neo (59). Having come together to hit the streets because of their shared passion for music, the two playful souls are determined to showcase that music transcends age boundaries. Their mission is to spread joy and happiness through the power of their music.

Be Happy 是团名也是彼此的座右铭,不为年纪设限的两位顽童韩欣元和梁启辉,因志趣相投而走上街头,希望藉由音乐传递快乐。



In the prime of his life, BuskingRobin (54) continually rediscovers his passion for singing through street performances. With unwavering support from his family and friends, he embarks on a transformative busking journey that revitalizes his spirit, sparking a newfound sense of inspiration and joy.



Cloud & Party

A perfect fusion of a carefree female vocalist, Krystal (27), and an ambitious piano enthusiast, Jayden (30), Cloud & Party aspires to create a harmonious sanctuary where they can joyfully share their boundless love for music.

一个单纯爱唱歌的女生 - 依然,加上想自我提升琴艺的大男孩- 锦炫,Cloud & Party希望一直无忧无虑地分享自己热爱的音乐!


Dawn Yap 叶芷彤

Music graduate Dawn Yap (19) has been singing and performing from an early age, with an impressive track record in competitions to her name that stands testament to her talent. Driven by unwavering determination, Dawn fervently pursues her aspirations of becoming a singer-songwriter, never losing sight of her dreams.

毕业自音乐系的叶芷彤 Dawn表演经验丰富,比赛战绩斐然。将热爱融入生活,她在筑梦道路上稳步前行,朝着创作歌手的梦想前进!


Evan Goh 吴宇凡

Evan (35) is a ballad street busker who never fails to strum your emotional heartstrings. With 8 years of experience performing on the streets, he seeks to deeply resonate with the audience through his soulful performances.



Gabriel Sim 沈政宁

With extensive experience in singing and musical performances, medical school student Gabriel (18) is determined to showcase his unwavering passion for music. Armed with his guitar skills, he aims to captivate audiences with his mesmerizing voice and jazz-infused interpretations of Mandarin pop songs.



Gaston and Lucas

Former military comrades and now musical companions, university students Gaston Liew (20) and Lucas Wang (20) share a deep bond through their passion for music. With the melodic strumming of guitars and their euphonious voices, every moment shimmers with the enchanting brilliance of their captivating melodies.



Kyean Lim 林伟祥

Kyean (25) began fostering his profound passion for pop music from a young age. With his talent in singing and keyboard playing, he strives to become an all-rounded singer. Fueled by this ambition, he has set forth on an inspiring journey to gather experience through busking and pub gigs, paving the way towards his dreams.

从小对音乐情有独钟,林伟祥 Kyean能弹又会唱,希望借由街头表演累计表演经验,让每个听见他歌声的人都能回头给予肯定。


 Lyla Ng 黄姿宁

Singapore’s youngest busker, Lyla Ng may only be 10 years old, but she possesses remarkable talent as a multi-instrumentalist. With big aspirations, she aims to make a name for herself and showcase her musical prowess through her performances.

年仅10岁的Lyla 黄姿宁,是本地最年轻的街头表演者。她熟悉各种乐器,希望透过比赛为自己的音乐资历开启新篇章。


Papaya Duck

A harmonious blend between a pitch-perfect violinist, Audrina (30) and a free-spirited songbird, Grey Ying (31). Skilled in multiple instruments, Papaya Duck aspires to connect with like-minded musicians, and forge meaningful connections through the language of music.

一个有绝对音感的小提琴手 - 吴玢,一个爱玩音乐的女主唱 -刘秀颖,擅长多种乐器的双女组合 Papaya Duck,希望借由音乐的交流,认识更多志同道合的音乐人。


Part III

Tan Yi Zhen (23) and June Yong (22) met during their university dormitory days and bonded over their mutual passion for music. This shared interest has driven the two fresh graduates to display their talents through busking, seizing every moment of their youth with enthusiasm and vitality.

结识于大学宿舍的陈怡珍与杨雯淇组了双女组合 -- Part III ,以热爱的音乐为彼此的推动力,希望通过街头表演累积人生经验,让青春不留白。


phyllzx and elvern

A dynamic duo brought together through online live streaming. Elvern Wong (20) exudes a cool and stylish Japanese vibe, while Phyllzx Lim (24) is a trendsetter with an avant-garde fashion sense. Together, they radiate a natural harmonious passion for music and fashion sense. Transitioning from online friends to teammates, they have now taken their stage from the virtual world to the streets.



T Junction 红绿灯

Alina Mak (30) and Lim Jia Rui (28) met during their university days and formed T Junction. Through their powerful vocals and original compositions, they hope to share their music across different crossroads and junctions around the island, creating a memorable experience that lights up your path.

两个从大学结识至今的双女团体 -- 红绿灯,麥菽娟和林佳蕊希望借由歌声和创作为自己吸取音乐养分,同时在新加坡的各个角落以歌会友。


The EMinor Band

Brought together by music, the duo – Simon (39) and Estella (41) – decided to form a band and hit the streets. The EMinor Band, driven by the pursuit of happiness, aims to share their musical dreams through voices, and connect with listeners to the music they love.

因音乐而结识的涂艺兴和吴蕙延,因音乐而决定合作组团,走上街头。快乐至上的The EMinor Band 希望透过歌声,让大家感应到他们大大的音乐梦。


The ETC 闲杂人等

Embracing their unique identity as "nobodies", The ETC (Tristan Ong, 46 and Joey Wee, 47) seeks solace in music and yearns to let their voices resonate within the hearts of their listeners. In the realm of music, they are passionate and fearless, captivating audience through heartfelt performances that lingers long after the final note fades away.


Annex C – Top 16 Live Busking Locations and Voting Details

Date & Time

Voting Period

23 July (Sun)
4.30pm – 5.30pm

Hougang Central Hub
Blk 814, Hougang Avenue 10 Singapore 530814

Online voting starts from 4.30pm till 11.59pm on respective competition dates for performing buskers on the day with QR Code available on-site during performance.

Unlimited voting is open to those with a valid meconnect account.

30 July (Sun)
4.30pm – 5.30pm

PLQ Mall (PLQ Plaza)
10 Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 409057

6 August (Sun)
4.30pm – 5.30pm

Waterway Point (The Cove)
83 Punggol Central
Singapore 828761

13 August (Sun)
4.30pm – 5.30pm

Westgate (The Courtyard)
3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532

Voting for all buskers will then reopen on 14 August, 4.30pm till 15 August, 4.29pm. Voting can be done via