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  • What is the Gardens by the Bay & Mediacorp National Day Concert?
    Returning for the fourth year, the Gardens by the Bay and Mediacorp National Day Concert (NDC) is a star-studded assembly of local talents to celebrate the nation’s 57th birthday. Held during the National Day period, NDC returns to the Garden’s grounds on 6 August 2022 after a two-year hiatus! This year’s two-hour on-ground concert at Supertree Grove will feature a specially curated entertainment line-up of music performances and entertaining stand-up comedy segments by our homegrown talents.

  • How much is admission to the Gardens by the Bay & Mediacorp National Day Concert?
    The concert is FREE, but tickets are sold out. Members of the public without tickets can still soak in the atmosphere and enjoy the concert on the large screens at Supertree Grove. So, mark your calendars and do head down for a fun family outing!

  • Why are tickets sold out so quickly within the same day it was released?
    Due to your overwhelming response, all the tickets have been fully redeemed. But fret not, you can still head down to soak in the atmosphere and enjoy the concert on the large screens at Supertree Grove!

  • If I don’t have a ticket, can I still get into the ticketed concert ground if there are no-shows and space?
    You will not be able to enter the ticketed concert ground without a ticket. Visitors without tickets can still catch the live-stream of the concert on screen and a 10-min aerial display of 500 drones at the Supertree Grove. You can also meet the cast of local shows like Sunny Side Up, When Duty Calls 2, Anak Metropolitan 4.0 and Berani Nyanyi?, as well as your favourite Mediacorp radio personalities.

  • Who will be performing at the Gardens by the Bay & Mediacorp National Day Concert 2022?
    This year’s concert will be hosted by Mediacorp CLASS 95 DJ Jean Danker and 987 DJ Joakim Gomez. Musical performances will be headlined by Taufik Batisah, Shabir, Rui En, Dick Lee & the Omnitones, Yung Raja, Benjamin Kheng and Annette Lee whereas Chua Enlai, Alaric Tay and Sebastian Tan will keep you entertaining with their comedic skits.

  • What other activities can I look forward to at the Gardens by the Bay & Mediacorp National Day Concert?
    Starting from 1pm on 6 August, come by and participate in our fun family activities including the chance to meet the cast of your favourite shows like such as When Duty Calls 2, Healing Heroes, Sunny Side Up, Vettai and catch special performances by the cast of Anak Metropolitan 4.0 and Berani Nyanyi?. You can also stand a chance to win exciting merchandise in games and activities conducted by DJs from CLASS 95, 987, YES 933, Ria 897 and Oli 968. Also making special appearances for the little ones are mascots from Ollie and Friends.

  • Can we bring our own food?
    Yes, you can take this chance to have a night-time picnic as you catch the stunning performances right in the heart of Supertree Grove!

  • Will there be seats?
    This is a free-standing concert where you are free to sit, stand or camp out at your desired spot. So, do head down early with your mats and chairs. However as we want to ensure an enjoyable experience for all, please refrain from bringing along large chairs or inflatable seats that would block your neighbours’ view.

  • Will there be bag checks for the event? Do I need to be vaccinated to attend?
    Yes, there will be security bag checks prior to entry and you will be required to provide proof of your vaccination status before entering the ticket concert ground. However those watching on the large screens at the Supertree Grove outside The Lawn will not need to provide proof of their vaccination status.

    Please note that you will NOT be allowed to bring in:

    • Weapons and sharp objects of any kind (including long umbrellas, guns, metal or ceramic knives, corkscrews etc.)
    • Flammable items & liquids (aerosols, fireworks, etc.)
    • Bicycles and personalised motor vehicles
    • Missile/ projectile-like objects
    • Laser pointers
    • Remote controlled aerial cameras, planes, helicopters or other similar devices

    The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who does not comply with the above.

  • Is there any maximum capacity for safety?
    Entry may be denied if crowds hit the maximum capacity.

  • Is this an all-ages event? Is it accessible to the elderly, families with strollers, or people in wheelchair? This event is open to everyone! Priority lane access will be available for the elderly and those with disabilities, so please approach our ushers for assistance.

  • Will re-entry be allowed?
    While re-entry is allowed, you will be required to re-join the queue and undergo security bag checks.

  • Will there be first aid or security at the event?
    We take the safety and security of everyone seriously. Throughout the event, armed police officers will be on patrol.

    Those who require medical assistance can approach the roving medics or proceed to the red first-aid tent. An ambulance will also be on standby for emergency cases.

    Should you feel unwell or spot any suspicious activity, please alert the working crew on-site.

  • Can I smoke inside the event grounds?
    The Gardens is smoke-free.

  • Are there toilets and diaper changing facilities at the event?
    Public toilets, including handicapped toilets, as well as diaper-changing facilities are available within the vicinity.

  • Will there be Lost & Found booth at the event?
    The Lost & Found counter will be located at the First Aid Booth. Please return any lost items to the counter and refrain from handing over found items to the staff.

  • Can I bring pets to the event?
    Due to the concert’s scale and environment of the concert, we would advise against bringing your pets along. However, if you wish to bring your pets, please ensure that they are leashed at all times and do remember clean up after your pet and dispose of all waste in a hygienic manner.

  • What if it rains when the show is on?
    The organiser will be monitoring weather conditions according to the National Environment Agency’s weather advisories. Activities will continue in the event of light rain however in the case of heavy rain with thunder and lighting, all activities will be halted until further notice.

  • If the weather looks treacherous before the start of the event, will the show be cancelled?
    If there is a strong possibility of inclement weather, please check our social media platforms and website for latest updates.

  • I heard there are some special giveaways at this event. Which ones am I eligible for?
    Please click on our Event Fringe tab for more details!

  • How do I get to the venue and where is the nearest parking?
    Please click here for details on how to get to the venue and more information on the nearest parking facilities and rates.