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Catch the NDC 2022 Concert LIVE on giant screens

The tickets for the onsite concert on 6 Aug have been fully redeemed. Visitors without tickets can still catch the live-streaming of the concert on a giant LED-screen at the Supertree Grove from 6pm.

But do come down earlier from 2pm as our stars and more will be there to meet you.


Meet & Greet

Get up close and personal with your favourite Mediacorp radio personalities from 987, Class 95, Yes 933, Ria 897 and Oli 968, as well as cast members of local shows like “Sunny Side Up”, “When Duty Calls 2”, “Healing Heroes”, “Vettai” and “King of Culinary”.

Expect big names like 陈泂江 Desmond Tan, 蔡琦慧Paige Chua, 方展发 Pierre Png and many more!

Also look out for song performances by the cast of “Anak Metropolitan 4.0” and “Berani Nyanyi”, all these happening from 2pm onwards.

2.00pm OLI 968 DJs:
Guna & Kather
2.20pm Song Performances:
Anak Metropolitan S4 + Berani Nyanyi
Fuad Rahman & Fir Rahman
2.50pm YES 933 DJs:
Kunhua & Hazelle
3.10pm Meet & Greet:
Sunny Side Up
Gina Tan, Chen Tian Wen, Cassandra See, Sharda Harrison, Estovan Cheah, Pragadesh
3.40pm RIA 897 DJs:
Azlin Ali, Nity Baizura, Danial Shahrin, Azura Goh, Fadli Kamsani, Saffwan Shah
4.00pm Meet & Greet:
Vettai 5
4.30pm Class 95 DJs:
4.50pm Meet & Greet:
Healing Heroes
郭坤耀 Herman Keh
张哲通 Zhang Zetong
洪丽婷 Sheryl Ang
曾晓晴 Gini Chang
张耀栋 Zhang Yaodong
5.20pm 987 DJs:
Natasha, Ann Nicole,  Gerald, Maya
5.40pm Meet & Greet:
When Duty Calls 2
陈泂江 Desmond Tan
蔡琦慧Paige Chua
方展发 Pierre Png
鐘琴 Kym Ng
邓伟德Tyler Ten
吴劲威Edwin Goh
陈政序 Benjamin Tan
黄炯耀Brandon Wong
洪慧芳Hong Huifang
潘玲玲 Pan Ling Ling
陈凤玲 Felicia Chin 
BMW Electric Cars

Car enthusiasts can also check out the latest BMW electric models on display.

Drone Show

To cap the evening on a dazzling high, 500 drones in the formation of our Singapore flag will light up the night sky as audiences recite The Pledge and sing our National Anthem together during the finale.

Other Fringe Activities to look out for at Gardens by the Bay on 6 Aug


Garden Rhapsody - Sings of Singapore
Supertree Grove, 9.30pm

Join us as we showcase our local talents with a National Day edition of the Garden Rhapsody – Songs of Singapore. Featuring spectacular lights designed to cover well-loved Singapore songs that are specially created and performed by local musicians such as Aisyah Aziz, Joanna Dong, Linying, and Rani Singam, this edition of Singaporean classic tunes with a fresh re-interpretation is not to be missed.


Hydrangea Holidays 2022
Flower Dome, 9.00am to 9.00pm

Go on an adventure to the Netherlands and rediscover summertime when whimsical Hydrangeas bloom.


Orchid Stories of Singapore
Cloud Forest, 9.00am to 9.00pm

Explore Gardens by the Bay's latest orchid-themed display, Orchid Stories of Singapore in Cloud Forest.