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Chew Wui Lynn

Chew Wui Lynn

Wui Lynn co-presents Money Mind weekdays from 10am to 2pm on CNA938.Wui Lynn joined CNA in 2006 and was a producer for the news desk while fronting Channel 5’s flagship news programme News 5 Tonight. She later presented daily bulletins on Mediacorp’s only English news and information radio station then known as 938LIVE.

However her true calling and passion lie behind the scenes. She conceptualised and scripted the radio programme “Heritage & History” for 938LIVE and later Fun Facts on 938NOW. She also produced “The ABF Podcast” and “Merdeka Memories” which can be found CNA’s online portal.

She has an MA (Hons) degree in Japanese. Prior to joining CNA, she worked at the Ministry of Defence, and subsequently, a leading Japanese chemical engineering firm.