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Tender Notice

We use products and services procured from a wide range of suppliers and aim to take a fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory approach.


Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety is required as an essential part of a regulatory framework to cultivate good safety habits in all individuals at the workplace. It requires every person at the workplace to take reasonably practicable steps to ensure the safety and health of every workplace and worker.
For more information please download the WSH document here.


Purchase Order Standard Terms & Conditions

To download Mediacorp’s standard terms and conditions as referred to in our Purchase Orders.


Content Concept Proposals

Production Houses can apply for the PSB Contestable Funding Scheme (PCFS).


Supporting Sustainable and Green Procurement

At Mediacorp, we believe that sustainability is an important part of our responsibility as a business. By prioritizing green and sustainable procurement, we can contribute to a more sustainable future and make a positive impact on the environment.