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Call for content Proposals

Public Service Content (PSC) Fund | #Stories4SG

Thank you for submitting your concepts to the #Stories4SG call-for-proposals. We are pleased to update that the below production houses have been awarded the commission:

Amok Brudderhood
Little Penguins A Father’s Love
Studio Ikigai All That Jess
Vicinity Studio Lim Kopi?
Ochre Pictures Travel 2gether 一起去旅行
The Moving Visuals Small Talk 津津乐道
WaWa Pictures Wheels 天涯沦落轮
August Pictures 3, 2, 1 - Love
Papahan Films Karipap Haiz
Director’s Team Snip & Snappy!
Triangle Tales A Tribute
Violet Tales Thiruvilla
360 Entertainment Productions Mitara
Frames Entertainment Somuvin Diary
Omens Studios Leo the Wildlife Ranger: Singapore Edition
Blue3 Asia LEAP!
Hum Theatre #CoffeeShots
mm2 Entertainment Mr Kiasu 2.0
Oak3 Films Tiles War 四面围墙
Long Story Short Migrant Recipes
Abundant Productions A Quiet Taste
Desert Wine The Laboratory Assistant
FLY Entertainment Kindergarten Chef
Red Dot Moving Pictures My Lockdown Wedding
The Hummingbird Co. Love, Enabled
Dreamforest Media Zi Char Wars
Mocha Chai Laboratories I Kid You Not 返老还童
SPROUD Kitchen Alchemy 铁食新尝
Elements Pictures DALI
Gravitas Media Raga and Beyond
Perfectimage00 Entertainment Punggol Pandyan
Silver Screen International Dhilluku Dhuttu (Dare to Win)
Tantra Incorporated Pattaasu Productions
Out Of This World LLP Oot World – Magic Seeds Trilogy
Visual Works Storyteller Behind the Wheels
One Dash 22 Serving Perspectives
Filmat36 Duo Yang Cantik Landasan
Xtreme Media Chefs Lawan Gajet
Ananya Pictures 5 by 5
Stardust Story How to Train Your Hooman
NoonTalk Media How Are You Today? 今天的你好吗
MCC International 6 Little Friends 六小无猜
Luff Media Shooting For The Stars 星梦计