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"Watch it today with my Sister-in-law and I must say we are absolutely thrilled to hear Hokkien being spoken. It's so wonderful to hear the Actors and Actresses speaking in Hokkien rather than Mandarin for a change especially Elvin Ng. Well done Mediacorp. Keep it up. Must not let our dialects go into extinction." - Mary Ann Lim

"Listening to tunes I only heard in the mid 90's. Thank you Gold 90.5fm. Brings back lots of memories." - ‎Jaibind Gill‎

"Thank you for all the very interesting programmes on your t. v. channels.Excellent for free to air t.v. However may I suggest taking more pains with pronunciation. " - Anne Dcruz

"Thanks for reporting on this and other important issues(sometimes a little controversial). Cna insider is my Favourite local news page so far. Keep up the good work." - Yingkai Chen

"Good job Mediacorp. For those 80 families, this new year will be that much more festive." - Daniel Hoo

"May we regard the present honoured of success not as a pinnacle of achievement but as a base from which to scale new heights. Congratulations Channel NewsAsia Singapore on being one of the well read news. God bless Channel NewsAsia Singapore, the management and staff. Happy Lunar New Year to All." - Cris B Roxanne Kyle

"Dear lush 995, thanks for your great music selection. Honestly your programming is a breath of fresh air on the radiowaves. Recently a small soundbite with the words "fresh" on lush and "flashback track" have started to be played preceding some songs. Lush was , and I hope is, a beacon of pure music. No labels needed, all good music will be played without prejudice,regardless of genre or whether it came out years ago or just now." - ‎Calvin Tj‎

"Thank you for having the option to catch up!" - Vanora Poh

"Always 💕 to listen Gold 90.5 while I'm on my way to work n after my work. Never fail to brighter my days! Thank you!"

"A very good programme that examines current social issues that are important in our daily lives and to our community. It creates awareness of these issues." - Krishna Moorthy

"Thank you MediaCorp for acquiring the rights to the Rio Olympics games at the eleventh hours and for allowing Singaporeans young and old to share in the history making and celebrate as one nation, one Singapore...!!" - Vernon Song